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Een smerige verkiezingsstrijd in Colombia

May 22, 2014

Over drie dagen zijn de verkiezingen in Colombia. De campagnes zijn de smerigste ooit, er staat veel op het spel. Wordt Colombia een normaal land in vrede of blijft het zijn geschiedenis schrijven in bloed. De vooruitzichten zijn niet bemoedigend want ook de vredesduif, de huidige president Juan Manuel Santos, heeft bloed aan zijn handen. Maar een begin moet worden gemaakt.



Finally peace in Colombia is real option again

August 29, 2012
Guerrilla M19's commander Carlos Pizarro demobilized and was killed a few years after

Guerrilla M19’s commander Carlos Pizarro demobilized and was killed a few years after

Colombia will negotiate peace with its biggest guerrilla group FARC, and perhaps with the smaller ELN as well. It’s the most important news in years and it’s quite a big change compared to ex-president Álvaro Uribe’s policy of continuous attacking the guerrilla and trying to beat it the armed way. Many Colombians are glad because what they most want is peace, but others think it’s very inconvenient to negotiate with armed groups that are considered terrorists. The governments most fierce opponent is in fact ex-president Uribe.  (more…)

Political opposition is healthy

July 28, 2010

These days Colombia’s new president Juan Manuel Santos is going to sign the so called accord of National Unity with a great part of the politicians who were his opponents during the elections: the Conservatives, Cambio Radical, the Liberals and his own party, La U. The idea is that the polarisation that flourished during the Uribe era has to come to an end. That is necessary indeed, but it shouldn’t be a secret way to silence the opposition. (more…)

Colombia and its Green Wave

April 19, 2010

Since it became clear that Colombia’s president Álvaro Uribe cannot be reelected for a second time, elections for presidency have become exciting. It is not at all certain that his heir Juan Manuel Santos is going to win. All kinds of explanations can be given for this, but one is the Green Wave. (more…)

How to go on after Moncayo’s liberation (or Piedad 22)

April 2, 2010

Finally, finally in Colombia FARC hostages Pablo Emilio Moncayo and Josué Calvo have been liberated a few days ago. And hopefully the remains of colonel Julián Guevara, that were received by his mother Emperatriz yesterday, are really his. Madness of war. Piedad Córdoba is calling for peace, but that is still a complicated issue. Understandable, after the failure of the Caguan peace talks. People are fed up with the FARC and want this thing to end, as soon as possible. (more…)

A big shame: congress elections in Colombia

March 15, 2010

The most peaceful elections in years, elections for Congress in Colombia on the 14th of March, as even United Nations said. True, the FARC didn’t destroy bridges or energy towers, but in the meantime complaints about cheating and buying votes were numerous (more than 300 at the end of the day, Caracol Radio said).  The political party PIN, hereditary of the parapoliticians, has become the fourth party in Congess, before Cambio Radical and the Polo Democrático Alternativo. The only positive thing is that the new Partido Verde (Green Party, conformed by the three former mayors of Bogotá Antanas Mockus, Luis Eduardo Garzón and Enrique Peñalosa) won four seats, apparently without buying one vote, a special phenomenon in this country. (more…)

There is life after Uribe

March 2, 2010

After a long time of uncertainty Colombia’s Constitutional Court finally pronounced itself on the referendum which should make Álvaro Uribe’s second reelection possible. It was banned. Many things were wrong and inconstitutional, but I don’t want to elaborate on that here. I would like to express my view on Colombia’s future. (more…)

Open letter to Álvaro Uribe

February 21, 2010

Dear mr. president,

Awful, the FARC’s last attacks in Colombia’s Cauca department. As I understood from an interview with Cauca’s governor at Caracol Radio this morning, the army and police reacted adequately. Hopefully that is true. In the meantime the guerrilla doesn’t want to see that it is the civilians who suffer most from their attacks and those civilians are poor moreover. And that is also the case with the hostages. They are poor. (more…)

Juan Manuel Santos will run for presidency

February 4, 2010

I bet Colombia’s president Álvaro Uribe will not run for a third term and thus clears the road to ex Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos. Uribe is praising his former minister; Juan Manuel Santos distanced himself from the very impopular measures the government took to make health care more efficient, and last but not least the referendum which would have to be held to make Uribe’s reelection possible, is confronting more and more complications to be approved by the Constitutional Court.

Juan Manuel Santos

Juan Manuel Santos


Mexico: a different reelection proposal

December 18, 2009

Interesting, Mexico’s president Felipe Calderón’s proposal for reelection. When I first heard about it from my Dutch colleague in Mexico, Jan-Albert Hootsen, I thought the Mexican president would join his colleagues Chávez, Uribe, Morales and Correa, who all changed constitution for their own reelection, but Calderón’s case is different and that is refreshing. (more…)