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Gay ex paramilitary wants to dress like a woman

January 16, 2009

The ironies of life: the aversion of (ex)-paramilitaries in Colombia against gays and transsexuals is well known. In the socalled social cleansing by paramilitaries and other irregular groups gays and transsexuals have been victims of killings. And now Colombia’s daily El Tiempo publishes an article about Faiber Narváez, ex-paramilitary, who is in prison. He wants to be called Mireya. (more…)


Gays and prostitutes should be decent

December 12, 2008

Senator Víctor Velásquez in Colombia wants to oblige the gay, lesbian, bisexual en transsexual population as well as prostitutes to dress more decently in public. Neither are they allowed to express their sexual preference, as the daily newspaper El Espectador said. (more…)

Transsexuals sell better than hippopotamuses

December 10, 2008

Since 10 days I have been blogging and of course I have been very watchful of my STATS.

I have learned many things, for example that it is important to use tags which are like cool or sexy or which arouse curiosity. (more…)

Transsexual Zapotecs in Mexico

December 7, 2008

The Zapotec indians in Mexico accept transsexuals in their community. The New York Times published an article about this phenomenon. It is surprising according to the New York Times in a country where homosexuality is hardly accepted and by many is considered a sin. (more…)