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How to go on after Moncayo’s liberation (or Piedad 22)

April 2, 2010

Finally, finally in Colombia FARC hostages Pablo Emilio Moncayo and Josué Calvo have been liberated a few days ago. And hopefully the remains of colonel Julián Guevara, that were received by his mother Emperatriz yesterday, are really his. Madness of war. Piedad Córdoba is calling for peace, but that is still a complicated issue. Understandable, after the failure of the Caguan peace talks. People are fed up with the FARC and want this thing to end, as soon as possible. (more…)


Open letter to Álvaro Uribe

February 21, 2010

Dear mr. president,

Awful, the FARC’s last attacks in Colombia’s Cauca department. As I understood from an interview with Cauca’s governor at Caracol Radio this morning, the army and police reacted adequately. Hopefully that is true. In the meantime the guerrilla doesn’t want to see that it is the civilians who suffer most from their attacks and those civilians are poor moreover. And that is also the case with the hostages. They are poor. (more…)

Un-understandable FARC (or Piedad 21)

January 11, 2010

Why for heaven’s sake the FARC in Colombia refuse Brazil as intermediator for the hostages’ release?

Also look at my posts on Pablo Emilio Moncayo, who has been a hostage for 12 years already.

Update 15th January: Apparantly it’s still possible that Brazil helps and Pablo Emilio and his colleague Josué Calvo can be liberated in February. Let’s hope so.

What’s up mr. Uribe and mr. Pearl?! (or Piedad 20)

November 8, 2009

Despairing, the state of affairs of the expected liberation of two FARC hostages, Pablo Emilio Moncayo and Josué Calvo. It seems that Colombia’s government cannot make up its mind about what to do, and meantime these guys keep on suffering. (more…)

Love and hate for Piedad Córdoba or Piedad 19

October 8, 2009

Piedad Córdoba 0909A group in Facebook that accuses her of supporting the FARC and wants to demonstrate in front of the Norwegian ambassy in Bogotá and the Colectivo de Abogados (Lawyer’s Association) that urges for action to defend her against the campaigns of hatred. That’s  Colombia. (more…)

Piedad Córdoba candidate for Nobel Peace Prize or Piedad 18

October 5, 2009

The Norwegian International Peace Research Institute (PRIO) suggested Colombia’s senator Piedad Córdoba as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize 2009. The organization put forward ms. Córdoba because of her efforts to liberate hostages of the leftwing guerrilla FARC and her intention to start peace negotiations, according to Colombia’s newspaper El Espectador.   (more…)

Release Pablo Emilio or Piedad 17

September 24, 2009

Pablo E Moncayo 0909‘Mister President, I want to be free’: FARC hostage tells Uribe

This headline was published by Colombia Reports today. In this post I will publish Colombia Reports’ article, not before having said that this boy who lost his youth in the jungle (19-31 years, 12 years there) should be liberated NOW and the rest as soon as possible as well. He has been there twice as long as Íngrid Betancourt, the most famous hostage, who was liberated last year in the Operation Jaque(more…)

Piedad Córdoba least trusted person or Piedad 16

September 23, 2009

Colombia’s senator Piedad Córdoba is the least trusted person in her country, according to a Terra Poll. I still wonder why she is hated so much. I don’t think she deserves it, although of course, she is not perfect.

I will present Terra’s list, which was published by Colombia Reports, and then afterwards my own list. (more…)

Piedad can intermediate again (or Piedad 15)

September 19, 2009

Good news: Colombia’s  senator Piedad Córdoba can resume her work as an intermediator to liberate the hostages who are still being held by the leftwing guerrilla FARC. President Álvaro Uribe decided this after a meeting with families of the hostages.Piedad Córdoba 0909

Liberation of FARC hostages instead of reelection or Piedad 14

August 31, 2009

Incredible, these men have been hostages of the FARC in Colombia for years, who try to comfort their families in their survival proofs which were given to senator Piedad Córdoba in Bogotá. Some of them also express their anger because nothing is being done to get them free. All the important persons have been liberated: all the politicians and especially Íngrid Betancourt and the three Americans, for whom was organized the spectacular Operation Jaque. Everybody who was with them, was lucky, I guess. (more…)