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Will Ingrid Betancourt take revenge?

January 19, 2010

It will not last very long anymore before Íngrid Betancourt, Colombia’s most famous FARC hostage, will publish her book on the years she spent as a FARC prisoner. Since her liberation in July 2008 (Operation Jaque), several people have dared to criticize this woman, who especially in Europe is considered as a heroine. The last one has published his own book these days: Juan Carlos Lecompte, Betancourt’s latest ex-husband. If Betancourt is writing a book that is similar to her Rage in the Heart (2001), she will be merciless with her critics. (more…)


Release Pablo Emilio or Piedad 17

September 24, 2009

Pablo E Moncayo 0909‘Mister President, I want to be free’: FARC hostage tells Uribe

This headline was published by Colombia Reports today. In this post I will publish Colombia Reports’ article, not before having said that this boy who lost his youth in the jungle (19-31 years, 12 years there) should be liberated NOW and the rest as soon as possible as well. He has been there twice as long as Íngrid Betancourt, the most famous hostage, who was liberated last year in the Operation Jaque(more…)

Liberation of FARC hostages instead of reelection or Piedad 14

August 31, 2009

Incredible, these men have been hostages of the FARC in Colombia for years, who try to comfort their families in their survival proofs which were given to senator Piedad Córdoba in Bogotá. Some of them also express their anger because nothing is being done to get them free. All the important persons have been liberated: all the politicians and especially Íngrid Betancourt and the three Americans, for whom was organized the spectacular Operation Jaque. Everybody who was with them, was lucky, I guess. (more…)

Waar is FARC-leider Tirofijo begraven?

March 23, 2009


Het is maart en in Colombia herdenkt de linkse guerrillabeweging FARC enige gevoelige verliezen. Een jaar geleden bombardeerde het Colombiaanse leger het kampement van commandant Raúl Reyes plat. Reyes en een stuk of 16 guerrillero’s werden gedood. Niet lang daarna werd bekend dat de legendarische FARC-leider en -oprichter Tirofijo overleden was, ook wel bekend onder de naam Manuel Marulanda. (more…)

The FARC’s intellectual block or Piedad 4

February 8, 2009

The liberations of six FARC hostages in Colombia these days have aroused a lot of discussion. Some people are glad with these liberations and are eager to have a humanitarian agreement in which hostages are exchanged with FARC-fighters who are in prison.

Others say that the FARC abuse of the situation and that the only way to solve the problem is fighting them and rescue the hostages, as happened in the famous Operation Jaque. (more…)

Have mercy on Piedad (2)

February 2, 2009

Poor Piedad. Four hostages of the FARC liberated and apparantly trouble because the liberation was delayed. The Colombian journalist Jorge Enrique Botero accused the army of taking military action while the liberation process was starting. The government of Colombia wanted her out of the liberation process, because of all the fuss and the apparant advantage the FARC were taking in the liberation ‘show’. (more…)

Ingrid Betancourt and Clara Rojas

January 26, 2009

Very painful is the news these days about the bad relation between Ingrid Betancourt and Clara Rojas when they were hostages of the FARC. (more…)

Have mercy on Piedad

January 11, 2009

Why is Piedad Córdoba hated so much? Piedad, which means mercy or devotion, is a senator in Colombia. She is a member of the Liberal Party and she is a woman who doesn’t fear to express what she thinks. She is one of the so many Colombians who receive death threats any moment.piedad-cordoba-0109 (more…)