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Het WK en zijn mislukte humor

July 7, 2014

Een van de opvallendste dingen rond het Wereldkampioenschap Voetbal is wel het aantal grappen dat verkeerd overkomt.

De laatste grol is van Argentijnse voetbalfans die een ‘gebroken ruggengraat’ met zich meedragen, daarmee overduidelijk verwijzend naar de gebroken wervel van Brazilië’s onbetwiste sterspeler Neymar. Op het internet wordt er schande van gesproken. (more…)


Mexico: a different reelection proposal

December 18, 2009

Interesting, Mexico’s president Felipe Calderón’s proposal for reelection. When I first heard about it from my Dutch colleague in Mexico, Jan-Albert Hootsen, I thought the Mexican president would join his colleagues Chávez, Uribe, Morales and Correa, who all changed constitution for their own reelection, but Calderón’s case is different and that is refreshing. (more…)

What’s up mr. Uribe and mr. Pearl?! (or Piedad 20)

November 8, 2009

Despairing, the state of affairs of the expected liberation of two FARC hostages, Pablo Emilio Moncayo and Josué Calvo. It seems that Colombia’s government cannot make up its mind about what to do, and meantime these guys keep on suffering. (more…)

Cocaine comes from everywhere

April 8, 2009

The global war on drugs is no longer just fought in Colombia. The violence has spread to Mexico and West Africa and according to local media, the mafia is taking an increasing control of coca production in Bolivia and Perú. The authorities of drugs consuming countries need a radical change of policy. (more…)

Mexico’s cocaine comes from Colombia

April 1, 2009

cocaine-0409Claudia López’s column in El Tiempo had an interesting analysis Tuesday. She states that Colombia is no longer a priority for the United States in Latin America, because the Colombian government has been able to convince the Americans that the war in the country is under control. The United States’ attention is going to be shifted to Mexico, López writes, because the USA are very worried about the drugs related violence in that country. (more…)

Vicente Hernández is blasphemy in Barranquilla Carnival

February 20, 2009

The Mexican ranchera singer Vicente Hernández is coming to Barranquilla to sing in the Carnival. He is already an older fellow, with big Mexican hats and a big moustache, the tipical macho man who conquers a lot of hembras, like they say here: female animals.vicente-hernandez-0209 (more…)

From nadaism to FARC

January 19, 2009

nadaisme-0109One news item in particular worried me lately in the Colombian press: theatre director Patricia Ariza is being accused of ties with the leftist guerrilla group FARC in Colombia. Her artistic work with poor communities supposedly is only a façade for the recruitment of the poor masses she would be doing for the FARC. She is not the only leftist person to whom accusations have been expressed. (The painting on the right was made by surrealist Max Ernst in 1921)


Transsexual Zapotecs in Mexico

December 7, 2008

The Zapotec indians in Mexico accept transsexuals in their community. The New York Times published an article about this phenomenon. It is surprising according to the New York Times in a country where homosexuality is hardly accepted and by many is considered a sin. (more…)