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Obama embraces Bin Laden in Barranquilla

February 6, 2009
On the picture you see me with Obama and Bush

On the picture you see me with Obama and Bin Laden

It is February and in Barranquilla in the Caribbean part of Colombia the period of Carnival has begun. At the moment the Carnaval de las artes – the Arts Carnival – is going on. (more…)


Obama and Uribe

January 15, 2009

Within Colombia there have been a lot of criticisms about its lack of foreign policy. The only real friend of Colombia’s president Álvaro Uribe is/was the president of the United States George Bush. And mr. Bush is leaving. (more…)

Mr. Obama’s backyard Latin America

January 14, 2009

chav-ahmadinejad-0109The president elect of the United States, Barack Obama, should pay attention to his backyard, Latin America. Although the region doesn’t seem important worldwide, movements are made which should alert the United States.


George W. Bush’s lonelyness

January 14, 2009

How will the former English prime minister Tony Blair and his Australian colleague John Howard have felt to receive the Medal of Freedom from one of the most rejected leaders in the world, George Walker Bush, until 20 of January president of the United States? I don’t know, but the Colombian president Álvaro Uribe looked very proud to receive this medal from his great friend, who unfortunately for him leaves the White House soon. (more…)