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No freedom of speech in Colombia either

February 8, 2010

The worst news these days in Colombia: weekly Cambio‘s closure. Supposedly it is because of ecomical reasons, but many in the country think it is for being too critical. Moreover the El Tiempo Editorial House fired Cambio’s director Rodrigo Pardo and editor María Elvira Samper. They told daily El Espectador that they were in full deadline for the last issue when they were fired. (more…)


The treasure of Freedom of speech

October 18, 2009

Never have I been so conscious of how important liberty of speech is as these days. Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez is releasing an avalanche of tweets about her frustration of not being able to enter the internet when she wants and not being able to read the news. (more…)

Hurray for Vargas Llosa

May 30, 2009

Interesting the debate Perú’s writer Mario Vargas Llosa is generating in Venezuela. Not only did he criticize president Chávez for choosing ‘the Cuban way’, also did he start a discussion about liberalism and its antisocial image. (more…)

Will the former paramilitary warlords in USA talk?

March 25, 2009

The former paramilitary warlords in Colombia who have been extradited to the United States are going to testify very soon and are going to give 60 testimonies. Colombia’s Justice and Peace attorney Luis González said so in Washington, during a meeting of the Interamerican Commission on Human Rights (autonomous organ of the Organization of American States, OAS). (more…)

How to save Plan Colombia

March 18, 2009

Colombia’s vice-President’s Francisco Santos’ words to pull out of Plan Colombia should not be taken as literally as he said them. The man is not as childish as he seems. Santos is after the opposite: saving Plan Colombia.


Holiday in Argentina

December 15, 2008

Tomorrow I will travel for Buenos Aires because my neighbours are going to marry in Argentina. The wedding will be in a small village near the town of Rosario, called Bernardo de Irigoyen.

I am so curious to know how it will be to travel in a different country in Latin America than Colombia. Because these last years  I haven’t had the opportunity to cross Colombia’s borders to go to a neighbour country. (more…)