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Crimes are crimes, no matter who commits them

June 21, 2009

Colombia’s president Álvaro Uribe thinks that the victims of his country’s horrible violence cannot be treated the same way. Those who are victims of crimes commited by the army, the police or the intelligence service DAS do not have the same facilities to get repaired by the state as the victims of the left wing guerrillas or the right wing paramilitaries. (more…)


False positives: Life isn’t worth a thing

May 15, 2009

I don’t know what I should write about: the false positives or the illegal wire taps, both in Colombia. Both are hot news and both keep me between shock and awe. I will choose the false positives and perhaps come back to you with the wire taps. (more…)

Plan Colombia and false positives

March 19, 2009

Whether the government of Colombia likes it or not, the human rights issue will be important these years in the relation with the United States. First the problem of the false positives has to be solved before the American Senat can send 72 million dollar concerning military support (Plan Colombia) to Colombia, Patrick Leahy, influential Democrat, told Colombia’s daily El Tiempo(more…)

The heritage of a false positive

March 11, 2009

Yesterday I was at the funeral of a peasant who was killed four years ago, probably because he was a leftist political activist. It took his wife four years to find out what happened and within those four years 15 months to get what was left of his body: shattered bones in a box of cardboard. His 11-year old son took the bones from the cardboard box to put them in the tiny coffin, which looked as if it were the coffin of a little baby. The boy was looking how the parts of the skull he found in the box would perhaps match. In the meantime his mother explained to some journalists what had happened.

Photo: Julián Arango

Photo: Julián Arango


False positives and Carnival

February 19, 2009

‘Colombia es pasión’ is the slogan they use to promote the country. When I am in a cynical mood, I add ‘para matar’. In short, Colombia is passion to kill. In this country people are killed because thy don’t want to hand over their cell phone to a thief. They are killed because they (supposedly) cooperate with the guerrilla, the army or the paramilitaries (Look at my post about the Awá). Or they are killed because they are poor. (more…)