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When love kills

January 11, 2010

Every four days in Colombia a woman is killed by her husband or boyfriend, Colombia’s newspaper El Tiempo wrote yesterday. The other important newspaper, El Espectador, published an article called ‘When love kills’. The reason is that within a few months at least five killings of wives and girlsfriends were reported by the Colombian press. One of the latest was the murder of a woman in the Caribbean town of Barranquilla. Her very jealous ex husband suspected she had a lover. He shot her. (more…)


FARC among protesting university students?

October 22, 2009

Higher education students in Colombia have been protesting against the low budgets for public universities these days. Their way of protesting has been quite violent sometimes. In Bogotá Moises Wasserman, rector of the Universidad Nacional, was trapped like 5 hours in his car on the university campus. Media say there were about 300 students surrounding his car. Must have been quite a scary experience for the rector. (more…)

Soccer keeps FARC hostages alive

March 29, 2009

Colombia celebrates its soccer-victory over Bolivia (2-0) and the country’s daily El Espectador publishes a nice story about how soccer alleviates the suffering of the FARC hostages. (more…)

Martin Sombra or Out of Captivity 4

March 5, 2009

martin_sombraThis evening I read an article about an important FARC commander who is in jail, Martin Sombra. He feels abandoned by the FARC and he is afraid to be  extradited to the United States, according to Colombia’s daily El Espectador. (more…)

Child soldiers in Colombia

January 27, 2009

Colombia is the Congo of the region, was the headline of an article by the country’s daily El Espectador today. The recruitment of child soldiers is increasing, according to the newspaper. (more…)

Gays and prostitutes should be decent

December 12, 2008

Senator Víctor Velásquez in Colombia wants to oblige the gay, lesbian, bisexual en transsexual population as well as prostitutes to dress more decently in public. Neither are they allowed to express their sexual preference, as the daily newspaper El Espectador said. (more…)