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Piedad fights on or Piedad 9

May 5, 2009

Interesting news today about Colombia’s senator Piedad Córdoba’s efforts to negotiate with the FARC about the liberation of hostages. She is going to talk with the United States ambassador in Colombia, William Brownfield. (more…)


Mission impossible for Piedad Córdoba or Piedad 8

April 26, 2009

Now that Colombia’s president Álvaro Uribe has decided that only the International Red Cross and the church can intermediate to liberate hostages of the leftist guerrilla group FARC, senator Piedad Córdoba and her Colombians for Peace have a problem.  (more…)

FARC should behave at Easter time or Piedad 7

April 4, 2009

Colombia’s president Álvaro Uribe called the leftist guerrilla group FARC to at least stop killing during Easter time. Mr. Uribe actually wants them to stop violence during four months. That was his reaction to the FARC’s proposal to negotiate a humanitarian agreement. This agreement would be about an exchange of hostages and guerrilleros in prison. (more…)

FARC want to negotiate or Piedad 6

March 27, 2009

The leftist guerrilla group FARC in Colombia wants to negotiate with the government about a humanitarian agreement, in which hostages of the FARC are exchanged with guerrilla fighters in prison. The controversial senator Piedad Córdoba said that the guerrilla is ready to talk immediately.

pablo-catatumbo-0309It even appointed a spokesman, commander ‘Pablo Catatumbo’ (photo), who supposedly is close to highest commander, Alfonso Cano. (more…)

Waar is FARC-leider Tirofijo begraven?

March 23, 2009


Het is maart en in Colombia herdenkt de linkse guerrillabeweging FARC enige gevoelige verliezen. Een jaar geleden bombardeerde het Colombiaanse leger het kampement van commandant Raúl Reyes plat. Reyes en een stuk of 16 guerrillero’s werden gedood. Niet lang daarna werd bekend dat de legendarische FARC-leider en -oprichter Tirofijo overleden was, ook wel bekend onder de naam Manuel Marulanda. (more…)

Alan Jara in ‘intellectual block’

February 13, 2009

Alan Jara, former hostage of the FARC and lately released, has joined Colombians for Peace, signalled by Colombia’s president Uribe of being the intellectual block of the FARC. (more…)