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Questions for Tanja Nijmeijer

May 24, 2011

She said she saw herself enter Bogotá in victory, just like Fidel Castro and his rebels took Havana in triumph in 1959. It kept bothering me, Tanja Nijmeijer, Dutch member of Colombia’s FARC, said this to Jorge Enrique Botero, Colombian journalist. It sounds absurd and arrogant, especially if you contrast it with the information of Colombia’s army. The FARC are said to be running constantly for the army, their ideology is dead and they eat the roots of the trees to feed their hungry stomach. As always the truth must be somewhere in between. (more…)


Vragen voor Tanja Nijmeijer

May 13, 2011

Ze zei dat ze zichzelf zegevierend Bogotá zag binnenkomen, net zoals in 1959 Fidel Castro en zijn rebellen in triomf de Cubaanse hoofdstad Havana binnenreden. Het bleef maar in mijn hoofd rondzingen, Tanja Nijmeijer, Nederlands lid van de FARC, zei dat tegen de Colombiaanse journalist Jorge Enrique Botero. Het klinkt absurd en arrogant, zeker als je het stelt tegenover de informatie die het Colombiaanse leger geeft. De FARC zouden continu op de loop zijn voor het leger, hebben geen ideologie meer en eten de wortels van de bomen om te overleven. De waarheid zal zoals altijd wel ergens in het midden liggen.  (more…)

Yoani Sánchez can’t leave Cuba

October 14, 2009

Cuba’s most famous blogger, Yoani Sánchez, is going to celebrate her Maria Moors Cabot Prize at her home in Havana. The Castro government doesn’t allow her to leave the country to receive the prize. Neither can she travel to Brazil where she was going to present her book, Cuba Libre, and speak in Congress. (more…)

Che Guevara loved to read

October 10, 2009

Since it is 42 years ago legendary comandante Che Guevara died, media in several countries (Cuba, Argentina and Bolivia, where he was killed, for example) have dedicated articles on him. Like Bolivia’s La Razón, that had a special on him.Che reads a biography on Goethe while he is in Bolivia


Che Guevara’s grandson can’t go to Cuba

April 13, 2009

Today I was struck by an interview in Venezuela’s daily El Nacional with Che Guevara‘s grandson Canek Sánchez Guevara. Firstly because I didn’t know he existed. He said he didn’t agree with the Castro regime in Cuba, which ‘has behaved like a monarchy’. But  Canek (1974) wouldn’t like being called Che Guevara’s grandson, because he hasn’t ever known his grandfather, who already had died when he was born. In an interview he said “Che means less to me than my other grandfather with whom I could play and laugh.” (more…)

The burial of FARC’s leader Tirofijo

February 1, 2009

In Colombia he was as mythical as the legendary Che Guevara, FARC’s commander Tirofijo (sure shot). He died last year, supposedly of a heart attack.

tirofijo-0209The Colombian army says that it was because of the tension its presence caused so near to the camp of Tirofijo or Manuel Marulanda, the other nom de guerre of this man, who was born as Pedro Marín. It might be true what the army says.


Che Guevara’s home in Alta Gracia

December 30, 2008

Today I saw Che’s bed, bath, motorbike, books in the museum in the friendly village of Alta Gracia, near to Córdoba in Central Argentina.dsc02955


Che Guevara is remembered in Alta Gracia

December 26, 2008

My hope to find more about Che Guevara during my holiday in Argentina is not lost. It appears that he moved away with his parents from Rosario because he suffered from asthma.

museo-che (more…)

Che Guevara is absent in Rosario

December 22, 2008

che-guevaraWithout knowing it I travelled to the town where Che Guevara was born, Rosario, in Argentina.  I am still on a holiday there. It is close to the village of Bernardo de Irigoyen, where my friends married a few days ago. The place where Che was born, now is an insurance company and only a small sign on the side walk tells you that it was there. There is also a statue and that is it. (more…)