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Open letter to Álvaro Uribe

February 21, 2010

Dear mr. president,

Awful, the FARC’s last attacks in Colombia’s Cauca department. As I understood from an interview with Cauca’s governor at Caracol Radio this morning, the army and police reacted adequately. Hopefully that is true. In the meantime the guerrilla doesn’t want to see that it is the civilians who suffer most from their attacks and those civilians are poor moreover. And that is also the case with the hostages. They are poor. (more…)


Morning after pill and promiscuity

December 10, 2009

Giving young girls access to the morning after pill will increase their promiscuity. That’s what Colombia’s senator Víctor Velásquez Reyes thinks and with him a lot more people, and it’s silly. In the meantime teenager pregnancies in Colombia keep being a big problem. (more…)

Contraception before abortion

October 22, 2009

A lot of discussion about a sentence of Colombia’s Constitutional Court, that says that Colombia’s abortion law should be explained at school. Those who are against the law obviously are against the sentence as well. (more…)

Release Pablo Emilio or Piedad 17

September 24, 2009

Pablo E Moncayo 0909‘Mister President, I want to be free’: FARC hostage tells Uribe

This headline was published by Colombia Reports today. In this post I will publish Colombia Reports’ article, not before having said that this boy who lost his youth in the jungle (19-31 years, 12 years there) should be liberated NOW and the rest as soon as possible as well. He has been there twice as long as Íngrid Betancourt, the most famous hostage, who was liberated last year in the Operation Jaque(more…)

Half of Colombia’s pregnancies is not wanted

June 19, 2009

Fifty percent of the pregnancies in Colombia are unwanted. A shocking figure that shows the country has a huge problem to solve. (more…)

Donkey Festival not possible in Holy Week

April 9, 2009

ezelfestival-0409Each year the village of San Antero in the north of Colombia celebrates its Donkey Festival in the Holy Week. This year the Catholic has protested fiercely, because the festival is not convenient in a week of prayer and contemplation. But I don’t think the Church has any chance. (more…)