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Vicente Hernández is blasphemy in Barranquilla Carnival

February 20, 2009

The Mexican ranchera singer Vicente Hernández is coming to Barranquilla to sing in the Carnival. He is already an older fellow, with big Mexican hats and a big moustache, the tipical macho man who conquers a lot of hembras, like they say here: female animals.vicente-hernandez-0209 (more…)


False positives and Carnival

February 19, 2009

‘Colombia es pasión’ is the slogan they use to promote the country. When I am in a cynical mood, I add ‘para matar’. In short, Colombia is passion to kill. In this country people are killed because thy don’t want to hand over their cell phone to a thief. They are killed because they (supposedly) cooperate with the guerrilla, the army or the paramilitaries (Look at my post about the Awá). Or they are killed because they are poor. (more…)

Arts Carnival in Barranquilla or Colombia es pasión (3)

February 12, 2009

dsc03281Writer and columnist Óscar Collazos in Colombia wrote it in his column in daily El Tiempo today. The Arts Carnival in Barranquilla is marvellous. It is a declaration of peace and cheerful madness in this country full of war. It is an ode to the slogan Colombia es pasión, which was created to promote this violent country. (more…)

Obama embraces Bin Laden in Barranquilla

February 6, 2009
On the picture you see me with Obama and Bush

On the picture you see me with Obama and Bin Laden

It is February and in Barranquilla in the Caribbean part of Colombia the period of Carnival has begun. At the moment the Carnaval de las artes – the Arts Carnival – is going on. (more…)