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My first Soho, aahh, well

March 18, 2010
Soho's website

Soho's website

Yesterday my first Soho arrived. I had been quite nervous because as the front page always is a scarcely dressed or naked woman, I thought the neighbours – almost all of them men – would snatch it away. No, I bumped into it when I opened my homedoor after having had lunch with a friend. The deliverer had managed to throw it under the door. As I promised you a review of all the editions, here’s the first one. (more…)


No freedom of speech in Colombia either

February 8, 2010

The worst news these days in Colombia: weekly Cambio‘s closure. Supposedly it is because of ecomical reasons, but many in the country think it is for being too critical. Moreover the El Tiempo Editorial House fired Cambio’s director Rodrigo Pardo and editor María Elvira Samper. They told daily El Espectador that they were in full deadline for the last issue when they were fired. (more…)

Uribe’s moment of truth is approaching

August 12, 2009

Will Colombia’s president Álvaro Uribe run for presidency again or will he not? The moment of truth is approaching and mr. Uribe’s apparent desinterest seems to be changing into nervousness. (more…)

The danger of more child soldiers (4)

July 29, 2009

Bad news about child soldiers from two sources. The Dutch webpage of the organisation War Child warns against the increase of the production of small arms because they can easily be handled by children. Colombia’s weekly Cambio published an article a few weeks ago about the left wing guerrilla FARC‘s recruiting of child soldiers. (more…)

The ambition of Chávez, Uribe, Morales and Correa

January 21, 2009

chavurcorrmo-0109Ecuador’s president Rafael Correa is complaining that the indians in their protest against the mining industry want to destabilize his government, according to AFP today. Such news makes me yawn, because in Latin America there is a phenomenon which is democratically boring but also worrying. Several presidents are too much attached to their job. They all want to change the constitution in order to stay in power or/and increase it. (more…)

From nadaism to FARC

January 19, 2009

nadaisme-0109One news item in particular worried me lately in the Colombian press: theatre director Patricia Ariza is being accused of ties with the leftist guerrilla group FARC in Colombia. Her artistic work with poor communities supposedly is only a façade for the recruitment of the poor masses she would be doing for the FARC. She is not the only leftist person to whom accusations have been expressed. (The painting on the right was made by surrealist Max Ernst in 1921)


Have mercy on Piedad

January 11, 2009

Why is Piedad Córdoba hated so much? Piedad, which means mercy or devotion, is a senator in Colombia. She is a member of the Liberal Party and she is a woman who doesn’t fear to express what she thinks. She is one of the so many Colombians who receive death threats any moment.piedad-cordoba-0109 (more…)