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My first Soho, aahh, well

March 18, 2010
Soho's website

Soho's website

Yesterday my first Soho arrived. I had been quite nervous because as the front page always is a scarcely dressed or naked woman, I thought the neighbours – almost all of them men – would snatch it away. No, I bumped into it when I opened my homedoor after having had lunch with a friend. The deliverer had managed to throw it under the door. As I promised you a review of all the editions, here’s the first one. (more…)


Looking for love in Colombia and die

August 4, 2009

The most remarkable news yesterday: a Dutchman died, waiting for his supposed girlfriend, who had promised to marry him, according to Colombia’s newspaper El Informador (I don’t know if the link works, because today it seemed to have ‘died’). (more…)

Greek nostalgia in the garden (Holland 2)

June 28, 2009

Except modern life, which keeps surprising me – beneath the kitchen’s oven of which it is still a mystery to me how it works, DSC04164is a ‘department’ where you can warm up the plates – Greek nostalgia in the garden, where I lived fo four years as well. (more…)

Half of Colombia’s pregnancies is not wanted

June 19, 2009

Fifty percent of the pregnancies in Colombia are unwanted. A shocking figure that shows the country has a huge problem to solve. (more…)

Gevallen Heer komt naar beneden

April 7, 2009

senor-caido-0409Het heeft de afgelopen tijd verschrikkelijk geregend in Colombia’s hoofdstad Bogotá. Zo erg dat het gemeentebestuur besloot de Montserrat-berg, aan de oostkant van de stad, af te sluiten. Vanwege het gevaar van aardverschuivingen mogen voetgangers de berg niet meer oplopen. Dat zou niet zo erg zijn, als het niet Heilige Week was: de week voor Pasen. Veel gelovigen beklimmen dan de Montserrat om de Gevallen Heer te bezoeken. En nu kunnen ze niet naar boven. (more…)

Gay ex paramilitary wants to dress like a woman

January 16, 2009

The ironies of life: the aversion of (ex)-paramilitaries in Colombia against gays and transsexuals is well known. In the socalled social cleansing by paramilitaries and other irregular groups gays and transsexuals have been victims of killings. And now Colombia’s daily El Tiempo publishes an article about Faiber Narváez, ex-paramilitary, who is in prison. He wants to be called Mireya. (more…)

Sewed in Buenos Aires

December 17, 2008

I was glad to leave turmoily Colombia and travel to Buenos Aires for a holiday and look what happens. I think I made the same mistake as a Colombian friend who was robbed in Amsterdam. He thought that in Holland you didn’t have to be careful. Wrong of course. And I? I trusted in a guy who would help me to find a taxi. He and the driver sewed me. They asked a far too high rate. I was naive and believed their explanation. Colombia is less awful than it seems. (more…)

Holiday in Argentina

December 15, 2008

Tomorrow I will travel for Buenos Aires because my neighbours are going to marry in Argentina. The wedding will be in a small village near the town of Rosario, called Bernardo de Irigoyen.

I am so curious to know how it will be to travel in a different country in Latin America than Colombia. Because these last years  I haven’t had the opportunity to cross Colombia’s borders to go to a neighbour country. (more…)