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Soccer keeps FARC hostages alive

March 29, 2009

Colombia celebrates its soccer-victory over Bolivia (2-0) and the country’s daily El Espectador publishes a nice story about how soccer alleviates the suffering of the FARC hostages. (more…)


Child soldiers in Colombia (3)

March 4, 2009

2133 children were victims of the paramilitaries in Colombia, the country’s daily El Tiempo writes today. More than 200 children were killed. Moreover several blocks recruited child soldiers, like the Élmer Cárdenas in the north west (395 children) and a block in the Magdalena Medio area (87 children). (more…)

Ingrid Betancourt is just a human being

February 27, 2009

ibetancourt-0209The three Americans who were held hostages by the FARC in Colombia together with Ingrid Betancourt, Marc Gonsalves, Keith Stansell and Thomas Howes, criticized her in their book Out of Captivity. (more…)

Child soldiers in Colombia (2)

February 14, 2009

Unicef‘s representative in Colombia, Paul Martin, warned against the recruitment of more child soldiers in Colombia. The reason is that the country will be poorer in the near future because of the world wide recession. (more…)

Alan Jara in ‘intellectual block’

February 13, 2009

Alan Jara, former hostage of the FARC and lately released, has joined Colombians for Peace, signalled by Colombia’s president Uribe of being the intellectual block of the FARC. (more…)

Alan Jara was released by the FARC or Piedad 3

February 3, 2009

Without difficulties fortunately ex-gouvernor of the Meta department in Colombia Alan Jara today was released by the leftist guerrillagroup FARC. Alan Jara had been a hostage for 7,5 years. His face is like a dead man’s face, he appears to have lost lots of weight, but mentally he is (or seems?) as strong as an ox. (more…)