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Para el señor Andrés Carne de Res

November 17, 2013

¡Buenas tardes señor Andrés Carne de Res!

Con mucho interés leí sobre lo que sucedió en su restaurante en Chía y sus comentarios después.

Hay un malentendido difícil de eliminar.

Si nosotras nos ponemos minifalda o una blusa con escote puede ser que tenemos ganas de conquistar a un hombre, ¡o una mujer!

Pero no invitamos a una violación.

Venga, le explico. Si yo me pongo bonita, hasta sexy, usted me puede estar mirando y pensar ‘Ve, esa vieja está buenona.’ Pero, aunque usted no lo crea, yo también he estado mirando, y es posible que llegue a la conclusión, que ‘¡Na! Regularcito.’

En el juego del coqueteo hay dos personajes que juegan y deciden a dónde llega el juego, y no sólo uno, y allí está ese maldito malentendido. Qué pena con usted y sus compadres, parceros, compinches. Ustedes los hombres no pueden imponernos a pensar que ustedes son unos bacanes irresistibles.

Nosotras decidimos por nuestra propia cuenta solitas, si queremos conversar con ustedes, bailar con ustedes, fumar un cigarillo en el parqueadero con ustedes y de pronto acostarnos con ustedes. Incluso señor Carne de Res, ustedes están en toda la libertad después de unas palabras o bailecitos de llegar a la conclusión que ¡Na! Imageregularcita.

Si ustedes varones llegan a entender eso, ya hemos ganado mucho y también se reduce la violencia sexual. Incluso sus restaurantes serán sitios más agradables para pasarlo rico. Imagínese señor Carne de Res, tantas mujeres en su restaurante sin miedo de ponerse minifalda y felices.

Un abrazo y mucha sabiduría, y buenos coqueteos.


The Bolillo case: a punched and ignored woman

August 10, 2011

Hottest news in Colombia at the moment: national soccer trainer hits woman and loses his job. A female senator defends him, because the woman must have provoked him. Oh my, this senator is doing three steps back where the country is doing tiny steps forward, now and then. Physical abuses and murderings of women happen every day here. So please let this senator shut up at once! But back to the hitting itself. AND AN UPDATE (more…)

My second Soho looks better

May 4, 2010

Yesterday I glanced through my second Soho, Colombia’s magazine with tits and bums and sometimes good stories too. It struck me it has less tits and bums this time and honestly that makes me feel more at ease. I read a column by an anonymous woman who describes she was going to have sex the first time in her life and she ended up with… her boyfriend’s sister. Witty column. (more…)

My first Soho, aahh, well

March 18, 2010
Soho's website

Soho's website

Yesterday my first Soho arrived. I had been quite nervous because as the front page always is a scarcely dressed or naked woman, I thought the neighbours – almost all of them men – would snatch it away. No, I bumped into it when I opened my homedoor after having had lunch with a friend. The deliverer had managed to throw it under the door. As I promised you a review of all the editions, here’s the first one. (more…)

Tits and bums and good(?) stories

February 13, 2010

This week I took a strange decision and I regret it a little: I subscribed to Colombia’s monthly Soho. I might be the only female subscriber because many of Soho’s pictures show scarcely dressed or naked women. But supposedly it also has good stories. (more…)

When love kills

January 11, 2010

Every four days in Colombia a woman is killed by her husband or boyfriend, Colombia’s newspaper El Tiempo wrote yesterday. The other important newspaper, El Espectador, published an article called ‘When love kills’. The reason is that within a few months at least five killings of wives and girlsfriends were reported by the Colombian press. One of the latest was the murder of a woman in the Caribbean town of Barranquilla. Her very jealous ex husband suspected she had a lover. He shot her. (more…)

More curvy models in fashion magazines

January 5, 2010

Not only the German magazine Brigitte has decided to publish pictures of ‘real sized’ women, it appears. Other magazines follow, as the Huffington Post writes today.

The picture V Magazine published on its cover

The picture V Magazine published on its cover


Morning after pill and promiscuity

December 10, 2009

Giving young girls access to the morning after pill will increase their promiscuity. That’s what Colombia’s senator Víctor Velásquez Reyes thinks and with him a lot more people, and it’s silly. In the meantime teenager pregnancies in Colombia keep being a big problem. (more…)

Contraception before abortion

October 22, 2009

A lot of discussion about a sentence of Colombia’s Constitutional Court, that says that Colombia’s abortion law should be explained at school. Those who are against the law obviously are against the sentence as well. (more…)

Karl Lagerfeld: not thin = fat

October 12, 2009

dikke Lagerfeld 1009Chanel‘s famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld struggled with his weight until 2001, The Huffington Post writes in the beginning of this year. You see him in a still fatter edition with one of his thin models. And you also see the face of the thin Lagerfeld, who is holding a coin or a medal and who is pouting his mouth like an old rich and lonely lady. I think the fatter Lagerfeld looks better, but that is a matter of taste. (more…)