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Para el señor Andrés Carne de Res

November 17, 2013

¡Buenas tardes señor Andrés Carne de Res!

Con mucho interés leí sobre lo que sucedió en su restaurante en Chía y sus comentarios después.

Hay un malentendido difícil de eliminar.

Si nosotras nos ponemos minifalda o una blusa con escote puede ser que tenemos ganas de conquistar a un hombre, ¡o una mujer!

Pero no invitamos a una violación.

Venga, le explico. Si yo me pongo bonita, hasta sexy, usted me puede estar mirando y pensar ‘Ve, esa vieja está buenona.’ Pero, aunque usted no lo crea, yo también he estado mirando, y es posible que llegue a la conclusión, que ‘¡Na! Regularcito.’

En el juego del coqueteo hay dos personajes que juegan y deciden a dónde llega el juego, y no sólo uno, y allí está ese maldito malentendido. Qué pena con usted y sus compadres, parceros, compinches. Ustedes los hombres no pueden imponernos a pensar que ustedes son unos bacanes irresistibles.

Nosotras decidimos por nuestra propia cuenta solitas, si queremos conversar con ustedes, bailar con ustedes, fumar un cigarillo en el parqueadero con ustedes y de pronto acostarnos con ustedes. Incluso señor Carne de Res, ustedes están en toda la libertad después de unas palabras o bailecitos de llegar a la conclusión que ¡Na! Imageregularcita.

Si ustedes varones llegan a entender eso, ya hemos ganado mucho y también se reduce la violencia sexual. Incluso sus restaurantes serán sitios más agradables para pasarlo rico. Imagínese señor Carne de Res, tantas mujeres en su restaurante sin miedo de ponerse minifalda y felices.

Un abrazo y mucha sabiduría, y buenos coqueteos.

Morning after pill and promiscuity

December 10, 2009

Giving young girls access to the morning after pill will increase their promiscuity. That’s what Colombia’s senator Víctor Velásquez Reyes thinks and with him a lot more people, and it’s silly. In the meantime teenager pregnancies in Colombia keep being a big problem. (more…)

Contraception before abortion

October 22, 2009

A lot of discussion about a sentence of Colombia’s Constitutional Court, that says that Colombia’s abortion law should be explained at school. Those who are against the law obviously are against the sentence as well. (more…)

HIV doesn’t exist

March 26, 2009

New aids news from Colombia. Molecular biologist Roberto Giraldo told Caracol Radio that HIV doesn’t exist and that aids is not sexually transmitted. He says it is a toxic disease that is transmitted by ‘toxic persons’. As a consequence the immunological system of the intoxicated person is destroyed. (more…)

Vatican against abortion raped girl (9)

March 7, 2009

In one of my last posts I was talking about women in Afghanistan and Colombia, explaining that the rules to cover your whole body or on the contrary to show it as much as you can, com from the same machismo view on the female body. (more…)

Venus on a motel in Cali

January 30, 2009


The mayor in the town of Cali in the south of Colombia has a peculiar problem. The owner of a motel put a gigantic Venus of Milo on the roof. According to the daily El Tiempo it is 16 metres high. (more…)

Gay ex paramilitary wants to dress like a woman

January 16, 2009

The ironies of life: the aversion of (ex)-paramilitaries in Colombia against gays and transsexuals is well known. In the socalled social cleansing by paramilitaries and other irregular groups gays and transsexuals have been victims of killings. And now Colombia’s daily El Tiempo publishes an article about Faiber Narváez, ex-paramilitary, who is in prison. He wants to be called Mireya. (more…)

Gays and prostitutes should be decent

December 12, 2008

Senator Víctor Velásquez in Colombia wants to oblige the gay, lesbian, bisexual en transsexual population as well as prostitutes to dress more decently in public. Neither are they allowed to express their sexual preference, as the daily newspaper El Espectador said. (more…)

Transsexuals sell better than hippopotamuses

December 10, 2008

Since 10 days I have been blogging and of course I have been very watchful of my STATS.

I have learned many things, for example that it is important to use tags which are like cool or sexy or which arouse curiosity. (more…)

Transsexual Zapotecs in Mexico

December 7, 2008

The Zapotec indians in Mexico accept transsexuals in their community. The New York Times published an article about this phenomenon. It is surprising according to the New York Times in a country where homosexuality is hardly accepted and by many is considered a sin. (more…)