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Het WK en zijn mislukte humor

July 7, 2014

Een van de opvallendste dingen rond het Wereldkampioenschap Voetbal is wel het aantal grappen dat verkeerd overkomt.

De laatste grol is van Argentijnse voetbalfans die een ‘gebroken ruggengraat’ met zich meedragen, daarmee overduidelijk verwijzend naar de gebroken wervel van Brazilië’s onbetwiste sterspeler Neymar. Op het internet wordt er schande van gesproken. (more…)


Mi conflicto (de palabras) con Telmex

May 28, 2011

I’ll write this post in Spanish because it is meant to reach an important goal: get fully back internet in my home. I am having a fight with Telmex and I have to win. It’s important for my work.

Escribo este blogpost preocupada, porque llueve en Barranquilla. Eso significa que las citas se cancelan sin anunciar. Lógico, porque la ciudad se vuelve intransitable por los arroyos. Estoy preocupada porque estoy esperando un técnico de Telmex, el tercero en dos semanas, para solucionarme un problema con el internet y el teléfono. El problema es que la señal viene y se va. Nunca sé cuando sirve el internet. Cuando viene, trago de las bits y bytes de la señal como si estuviera sin agua en un desierto. Hay que aprovechar.


Kafka in Barranquilla

May 19, 2011

I should have translated my Tanja-post days ago but I was delayed by a bad flu and now I am being obstructed by an example of crazy bureaucracy of which Colombians have shown themselves experts. I’ll try to stay quiet and explain. Take a breath… (more…)

Wies says hey again

June 19, 2010

It’s been a long time since I have been blogging. In the beginning of May I wanted to write about my bad start in Holland. A bartender refused to help me when I couldn’t call to my friends who had offered me to stay at their home and weren’t there, at 11 in the evening, after a 24 hours journey from Bogotá.  (more…)

My second Soho looks better

May 4, 2010

Yesterday I glanced through my second Soho, Colombia’s magazine with tits and bums and sometimes good stories too. It struck me it has less tits and bums this time and honestly that makes me feel more at ease. I read a column by an anonymous woman who describes she was going to have sex the first time in her life and she ended up with… her boyfriend’s sister. Witty column. (more…)

My first Soho, aahh, well

March 18, 2010
Soho's website

Soho's website

Yesterday my first Soho arrived. I had been quite nervous because as the front page always is a scarcely dressed or naked woman, I thought the neighbours – almost all of them men – would snatch it away. No, I bumped into it when I opened my homedoor after having had lunch with a friend. The deliverer had managed to throw it under the door. As I promised you a review of all the editions, here’s the first one. (more…)

When your smart phone isn’t smart (2)

February 16, 2010
My old Motorola

My old Motorola

My own statement that one also should enjoy disconnection is being tested this week. Sunday afternoon I discovered that my Nokia E71 again didn’t want to receive emails. But it wasn’t deconfigured like last time. I thought the solution would be quick and painless, but this time I had no luck. (more…)

No freedom of speech in Colombia either

February 8, 2010

The worst news these days in Colombia: weekly Cambio‘s closure. Supposedly it is because of ecomical reasons, but many in the country think it is for being too critical. Moreover the El Tiempo Editorial House fired Cambio’s director Rodrigo Pardo and editor María Elvira Samper. They told daily El Espectador that they were in full deadline for the last issue when they were fired. (more…)

When your smart phone isn’t smart

January 30, 2010

Much of my attention this week was dedicated to my mobile phone, which wasn’t functioning well. I bought Nokia‘s smart phone E71 in December and was quite happy with it. Until the emails stopped arriving. Fortunately my phone company Comcel‘s helpdesk was very willing to help. But then the problem returned and worse. My email account was ‘deconfigured’. And Comcel’s helpdesk stopped being helpful… (more…)