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It’s not enough to go after Kony

March 11, 2012

Since a few days I’ve seen quite some publicity about Invisible Childrens’ Kony2012 campaign. I looked at the video with very mixed feelings. The filmer and his son are almost more important than the children who are victims and the bad guy Joseph Kony in Africa himself. Nonetheless I would never say you shouldn’t support the initiative. Of course Kony should be caught as soon as possible. But what then? (more…)


On Pablo Emilo Moncayo, a landmine and child soldiers (6)

November 30, 2009

Look how war can affect a family in Colombia. If Pablo Emilio Moncayo is not going to be liberated soon, he will celebrate his 12th anniversary as a hostage of the FARC within a few weeks. In the meantime his cousin David – also a militar – stepped on a mine which was probably also laid by the FARC. And shortly after a big conference on child soldiers in Bogotá Colombia’s daily El Tiempo published an article on ‘strange recruiting of youngsters’ by the Colombian army. (more…)

Colombia is not as exceptional as it thinks (child soldiers 5)

November 19, 2009

These days I was at a very interesting congress on child soldiers in Colombia’s capital Bogotá. One of the nice things was that some of the speakers were from other countries that are at war and that live(d) atrocities very much like those that the Colombian people had/have to suffer as well. (more…)

The danger of more child soldiers (4)

July 29, 2009

Bad news about child soldiers from two sources. The Dutch webpage of the organisation War Child warns against the increase of the production of small arms because they can easily be handled by children. Colombia’s weekly Cambio published an article a few weeks ago about the left wing guerrilla FARC‘s recruiting of child soldiers. (more…)

Child soldiers in Colombia (3)

March 4, 2009

2133 children were victims of the paramilitaries in Colombia, the country’s daily El Tiempo writes today. More than 200 children were killed. Moreover several blocks recruited child soldiers, like the Élmer Cárdenas in the north west (395 children) and a block in the Magdalena Medio area (87 children). (more…)

Child soldiers in Colombia (2)

February 14, 2009

Unicef‘s representative in Colombia, Paul Martin, warned against the recruitment of more child soldiers in Colombia. The reason is that the country will be poorer in the near future because of the world wide recession. (more…)

Child soldiers in Colombia

January 27, 2009

Colombia is the Congo of the region, was the headline of an article by the country’s daily El Espectador today. The recruitment of child soldiers is increasing, according to the newspaper. (more…)