About me

My name is Wies Ubags, I am a freelance journalist from the Netherlands, since October 2002 living in Latin America, starting in Colombia’s capital Bogotá. I moved to the Caribbean town of Barranquilla in October 2010 and came to Rio de Janeiro in July 2013.

I work for the Dutch press agency ANP, the online magazine TPO Magazine, and the magazine OneWorld, among others.

I am always interested in more assignments for English, Spanish and Portuguese spoken media.


3 Responses to “About me”

  1. gary brown Says:

    Hello there i’m interested in speaking with you please leave me your contact info thanks.

  2. Jan Nova Says:

    Hey! Sólo quisiera felicitarte por tu trabajo como periodista en Colombia.
    Aquí en mi país se necesita reporteros como tú!
    Sigue adelante con tu trabajo! disfruto mucho tus articulos.

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