A big story on reconciliation in Colombia in English

This picture was taken near Las Pavas, southern Bolívar department

This picture was taken near Las Pavas, southern Bolívar department

This year is a decisive year for the peacetalks between Colombia’s government and the marxist FARC guerrillas. With a little bit of luck a peace treaty will be signed after 3 years of slow and difficult negotiations in Cuba’s capital Havana.

But the most difficult part is yet to come: will Colombians, who are so used to war and of whom many never have known peace, be able to reconcile and forgive eachother?

I want to do a big story about reconciliation, but not only for the Dutch media I work for, I want to do it in English. This story is important for me since I lived in Colombia for almost 11 years and I know how deep these feelings of hate and distrust are.

Recently I discovered the website Contributoria.com. It’s English and its aim is to relate writers and journalists on the one hand and their audience on the other hand with eachother. Writers can publish proposals and people who subscribed to the website can give points. It’s the same principle as a crowdfunding campaign but you don’t contribute in money, you contribute in points. If the writer gets enough points (s)he can do the story and it will be published on the website. Contributoria also will try to sell the stories which it thinks fit to other media. In case it can sell a story, the author will receive a fee, additional to the fee already gained with the points (s)he has got.

I invite you to have a look at my proposal and give me points if you like it. If you register for free, you can give me or other authors up to 50 points per month. If you pay a small amount, about 3,30 USD per month, you have 250 points at your disposal and can advise the authors about their drafts. You can also suggest subjects.

If you have any questions or comments, please tell me here in the comments section.


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