Sustainability includes a big responsibility

Yesterday the Dutch website published an opinion article I wrote on American coal mining company Drummond in Colombia and its supposed ties with paramilitaries there. In Holland at least one power producing company that talks about sustainability and green energy on its website buys coals from Drummond. There are politicians who want to punish those companies. The government doesn’t agree with that, because Drummond hasn’t been condemned (yet).

Sustainability includes a big responsibility. In my opinion article for I didn’t even mention the first question, as fas as coal industry and power plants is concerned: is it still a defensible to use coals to keep your power plant running? But since the article was on a social matter, the treatment of trade unionists, I left that out.

Of course the responsibility doesn’t apply only for the coal industry: every company that claims to be sustainable and green has this big responsibility to take this very seriously. Otherwise it only is a trick to sell a product.

I have abandoned this blog for some time. I hope I will find time to blog more these days and green energy and sustainability may be one of the items I hit. Let’s say less FARC and more sustainability. Good slogan, isn’t it? I will do my best.

The country I live in, Colombia, has a big potential to sell ‘green’ goods. But it is also a country with big problems as far as violence and human rights is concerned. Quite a few companies have been accused of contacts with armed groups, in the agriculture and food sector, in the mining sector. That means you have to be really careful in your selection of business partners.

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