Wies says hey again

It’s been a long time since I have been blogging. In the beginning of May I wanted to write about my bad start in Holland. A bartender refused to help me when I couldn’t call to my friends who had offered me to stay at their home and weren’t there, at 11 in the evening, after a 24 hours journey from Bogotá. 

But my friends and family kept me busy and then I flew to Istanbul to see my colleague Fréderike Geerdink. After two days there I got ill. Mainly stayed in bed, during five days, didn’t even see the Aya Sofia. Thought it was a serious flu, but when I was back in Holland, it appeared to be Malaria vivax. I had been travelling through malaria areas in Colombia in April, before I left to Holland. Six days in hospital there and back to Colombia when I was still recovering. After two days in Bogotá, Dutch press agency ANP sent me tu Peru’s capital Lima because of the Joran van der Sloot case. I felt I was tumbling, but big and welcome chance to earn money! Now I should write on bad start in Holland, malaria and ‘doing’ Joran van der Sloot, in three posts. But I start with this one, just explaining my tumbling state and saying hey.

It’s Saturday and I am taking it easy, after a crazy week in Peru. Fortunately there is not much news. Having fun on Twitter with the worldcup soccer thing, enjoying a mild Bogotá afternoon. The rainy season is ending and the sun is reconquering its space. My beautiful chinchorro, a type of hammock, made by Wayuu women in Northeastern Colombia and Northwestern Venezuela, arrived. It’s so beautiful I only can look at it. I daren’t lie down in it, also – I must admit -because I am not sure I made the knot right. Am afraid to fall down! That is an art, making a knot in the rope to which the hammock is tied. You should do it in such a way that you can easily untie the knot if you need to get the hammock off. I don’t tie a hammock often enough, so I always doubt if the knot is ok,  at the moment I do. In a few days I will have forgotten about the whole thing and just lie down and not fall, like always.

Well, that is the kind of thing I am busy with today. So it’s also a good day to restart blogging. Later on I will tell you about my bad start in Holland, my Malaria vivax and my Joran van der Sloot experience. And tomorrow Colombia chooses its new president. Let’s see if it inspires me to write a critical post on Colombian politics again.


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