How to go on after Moncayo’s liberation (or Piedad 22)

Finally, finally in Colombia FARC hostages Pablo Emilio Moncayo and Josué Calvo have been liberated a few days ago. And hopefully the remains of colonel Julián Guevara, that were received by his mother Emperatriz yesterday, are really his. Madness of war. Piedad Córdoba is calling for peace, but that is still a complicated issue. Understandable, after the failure of the Caguan peace talks. People are fed up with the FARC and want this thing to end, as soon as possible.

Therefore chances of Juan Manuel Santos, who is closest to president Álvaro Uribe’s politics, to be Colombia’s next president are big. Peace talks, as apparantly a minority of Colombians want, are still too controversial.

But Álvaro Uribe can  perform an act of generosity by making a humanitarian agreement, in which the rest of the twenty something hostages and guerrillas who haven’t committed serious crimes are exchanged, possible. He cannot be reelected, he has nothing to lose, he can relax, why not give this goodbye present to the remaining hostages – many of whom have been in captivity for more than 10 years – and their families.

I understand the objections of the ones who are against such an agreement. ‘You provoke more kidnapping’, they say. But I believe that the humanitarian argument: to make an end to the suffering of the hostages and their families, is more important. Moreover it is not 6 days or 6 weeks these people have been suffering. Not even 6 months and even almost twice as much as 6 years. It’s such a long time, it is inhuman not to try to solve this problem as soon as possible.

I saw images of colonel Guevara not long befor his death. He was telling the person who recorded him that nobody cared about him, only his mother. His face was in such an agony, the man was more than desperate. Supposedly he died of a tropical disease. After seeing these images I believe it was more than that: he also died of despair. That was 4 years ago. Everything should be done to prevent more deaths like this one. Nobody can ask from these guys that they go on suffering in the FARC’s hell.

The FARC have made their point: no more unilateral liberations. That’s completely inhuman, they prove they are brutes, but it cannot be a reason to abstain from action to release the hostages. These guys have suffered enough.

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