My first Soho, aahh, well

Soho's website

Soho's website

Yesterday my first Soho arrived. I had been quite nervous because as the front page always is a scarcely dressed or naked woman, I thought the neighbours – almost all of them men – would snatch it away. No, I bumped into it when I opened my homedoor after having had lunch with a friend. The deliverer had managed to throw it under the door. As I promised you a review of all the editions, here’s the first one.

First I leaf it through to see if there is something of an equilibium between the girls’ pictures and the articles and columns. yes, there is something of an equilibrium, although I feel like a little uncomfortable about the amount of girls who show the part of their body where the back ends and the bum begins. Sorry, I don’t know the adequate word for it, not even in my native tongue Dutch. But yes, it is a sensual part of the female – AND the male! – body. In the meantime my cleaning lady is walking around, which increases my embarrassment.

The articles in general are short, columnlike, probably not to bore the readers too much. The pictures are quite good and I am not only referring to the girls. Let’s say I am mostly not referring to them because sometimes their sensuality is too much posed for me.

The first column, by Eduardo Arias (pity they don’t put his second familyname, because cannot find him on Google for you. If someone can give me a clue, most welcome. He must be quite well known), is sympathetic because it’s about Los Angeles the way people also complain about Colombia. It has such a bad reputation while it offers so many things nobody talks about. There is a review on a restaurant in Bogotá’s Zona Rosa. Its name is Club Colombia, like Colombia’s best beer.

Then there is something which interests me, former director of weekly Cambio (which was stopped, shame shame shame), Rodrigo Pardo, writing about the 8 most stupid things in his life. They are about president Uribe’s popularity and the way to interpret and predict it and obviously the way he failed. I do hope that man finds another and much better job. Appreciate him very much.

Actor Diego Trujillo tells what he remembers, it doesn’t interest me. I go on. Antonio García Ángel (??? appreciate clue here as well) on his guilt. No, I quit. Try to read “The Guest” by Marcelo Birjamer. No, it doesn’t capture me. Then the girls with their sexy back-bum part pass and I quickly leaf on. Many of them have an – ugly – tattoo on the relevant sexy spot. What a waste of beautiful skin.

Then the funniest part: three street beggers tell what they would do if they were president. Two of them are against abortion.  The one who isn’t, is against the Church and calls the Americans terrorists. They all defend common people. Nice pictures!

A lady, Margarita García, explains the unbearable things on men. Ahah. Njet. Can’t cope with the humor and don’t know who el macho Denim is. Or did she invent him on the spot?

Former minister Rudolf Hommes wrote a short story called “The invisible man”. Sorry minister, it is boring.

But after that is gets a lot better: Soho‘s second half isa lot better than its first. It starts with the most beautiful model in the edition: Jenny López.  Nice detail: she doesn’t have blown up tits. I must say I have seen that more often in Soho. They have the guts to show small tits as well, although taste in Colombia in general is ‘the bigger the better’.

Martín Caparrós, writer from Argentina, offers a beautiful tribute to  the diseased writer Tomás Eloy Martínez.

After another model – but less interesting to me – four stories on ‘big things’ are offered and that is a ood catch: on cooking for a battalion, driving a huge truck, flying a Hercules and bathing an elephant. Good pictures here as well.

Heartbreaking are the stories of seven patients with rare diseases and fun is the story by journalist Alfredo Molano on being follwed by a detective. A delicate subject int his country where so many critics of the government are being (illegally) wiretapped by the secret service DAS.

Beauty highlight of Soho 119 is supposed to be model Isabela Córdoba. Not bad, but I prefer la López.


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