There is life after Uribe

After a long time of uncertainty Colombia’s Constitutional Court finally pronounced itself on the referendum which should make Álvaro Uribe’s second reelection possible. It was banned. Many things were wrong and inconstitutional, but I don’t want to elaborate on that here. I would like to express my view on Colombia’s future.

I am glad mr. Uribe cannot be reelected. He would have got too much power and he is a person who has contributed a great deal to Colombia’s polarisation. Many political opponents and human rights defenders have been accused of ties with the leftwing guerrillas. The president doesn’t tolerate criticism.

Colombia’s next president urgently needs to be a person who is able to reconcile different points of views and create a climate of non-agressive discussion. I don’t even care if the person is left or right wing. Please let it be a reasonable statesperson and not a vain caudillo.

The president has created the illusion that without him the country will be a mess. His sacred seguridad democrática, which made Colombia safer, will be under siege. But who has attacked the FARC or captured important commanders? The army and the police. Not mr. Uribe. If the next president appoints a good Defense Minister, the thing will be fine.

The next president should be a president and not an upgraded Defense Minister. Ten percent of Colombia’s population is displaced and many of these people live in extreme poverty. Their lands have been seized by armed groups. Children in rural areas don’t have perspectives and therefore join guerrilla or new paramilitary groups or gangs. Unemployment is growing again and you see more streetsellers in the big cities. Justice is in crisis because impunity still is very big and more than 2000 prosecutors have been fired. All these problems need a serious government that will work very hard to solve them.

They need a president who surrounds him or herself with capable ministers and not puppets like mr. Uribe did. Because a president cannot solve all the problems by himself as mr. Uribe seemed to want. A president is the head of a government, the head of a team. And a good president listens to his ministers and makes his team flourish.


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