Open letter to Álvaro Uribe

Dear mr. president,

Awful, the FARC’s last attacks in Colombia’s Cauca department. As I understood from an interview with Cauca’s governor at Caracol Radio this morning, the army and police reacted adequately. Hopefully that is true. In the meantime the guerrilla doesn’t want to see that it is the civilians who suffer most from their attacks and those civilians are poor moreover. And that is also the case with the hostages. They are poor.

It is incredibly cruel what the FARC are doing to the hostages and to the country in general. There are very few people who are not convinced of that.

Therefore mr. president, I don’t understand very well your repeatedly uttered concern about the FARC looking for protagonism in this election period. You say they postponed Pablo Emilio Moncayo’s and Josué Calvo’s liberation to get favourable publicity. You might even be right, but what does it matter? They will not get it.

Who will think favourably about the FARC at the moment Pablo Emilio Moncayo after having been a hostage for more than 12 years descends from a helicopter or a plane? A young man who was kidnapped when he was 19, who is 31 now and lost his best years as a prisoner in the jungle.

After everything the FARC have done, killings, disappearances, kidnappings, robs, drugs trafficking, no advantage can be got for those criminals who call themselves the people’s army.

So take it easy, mr. president, and don’t say anything more before those two poor boys are liberated and major Guevara’s mother Emperatriz finally can bury her son. Don’t hinder further negotations on the liberation of the twenty something others who are still suffering and don’t have any hope of a soon liberation. Don’t worry about poor Piedad Córdoba, who is despised so much she will never be a threat for you in the ratings.

Follow the Church’s advise and separate the political from the humanitarian. Be the wisest. For the guerrilla nothing can be won, they have lost their credibility a long time ago.

Even a promotional merengue cannot solve that problem.

Kind regards,

Wies (Luisa as you know me in Colombia) Ubags

Dutch journalist in Bogotá


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2 Responses to “Open letter to Álvaro Uribe”

  1. wiesubags Says:

    I have just deleted an offensive comment. You can always disagree with me, but never offend me.

  2. Jan Nova Says:

    It’s so sad to see those attacks to the poor people, but this is not new to me… not to colombians.
    Conflict in Colombia is more difficult than what it seems… this is not an evil guerrilla who attacks people who are saved by the government superhero (just think about that)
    although it great to see there’s still in Colombia biased media (even if it’s foreign)

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