When your smart phone isn’t smart (2)

My old Motorola

My old Motorola

My own statement that one also should enjoy disconnection is being tested this week. Sunday afternoon I discovered that my Nokia E71 again didn’t want to receive emails. But it wasn’t deconfigured like last time. I thought the solution would be quick and painless, but this time I had no luck.

It was impossible to re-install my email account after Nokia’s employee had deleted it and after some asking and insisting that they solve my problem at my telephony provider Comcel’s, a technician quickly concluded that the software on the phone was outdated. How come? I bought it mid December 2009.

It was Monday and they told me my phone had to stay in the repair shop until Friday. My heart sank: all week long without my smart phone. That is too much to bear.

At home I had an old Motorola but I feared it wouldn’t be able to read my new and stronger in capacity simcard. The Comcel boys and girls assured it would, but they have told me so much. One gets a little forewarned.

Fortunately they appeared to be right and my Motorola is functioning allright. I even managed to dismiss the dictionary in the messages: I mean you write a letter and the thing already starts to guess the word. I hate it. I just want a to be a, twice a to be b and three times a to be c, etc.

But oh, how I miss my Nokia E71 and how I have to convince myself very much that you can live without email and internet on your phone and that disconnection is also joyful.


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