Juan Manuel Santos will run for presidency

I bet Colombia’s president Álvaro Uribe will not run for a third term and thus clears the road to ex Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos. Uribe is praising his former minister; Juan Manuel Santos distanced himself from the very impopular measures the government took to make health care more efficient, and last but not least the referendum which would have to be held to make Uribe’s reelection possible, is confronting more and more complications to be approved by the Constitutional Court.

Juan Manuel Santos

Juan Manuel Santos

Time is running short for the referendum to be approved by the Constitutional Court and apparantly the chance it is going to be rejected, increases. In this referendum the Colombians would have to say if they approve of a possible second reelection of the president. Moreover evidences about financial mismanagement in the process of collecting signatures to support the referendum are getting stronger.

In the meantime Álvaro Uribe’s government is having trouble with measures in the health care area. This aroused very much indignation because they will increase the chance for doctors to be punished when they prescribe treatments what are not really necessary. Santos rejected the measures in an interview with Caracol Radio. He never disagrees with his former boss, but in this case it is not unconvenient to do so, to say the least.

Yesterday Uribe praised the competence and excellence of his former Defense Minister.

They are going to make Colombia’s political opinion ready for Santos’s candidacy. So my supposition in May, that Uribe and Santos already defined that Santos will run, is becoming more probable. Perhaps they hadn’t decided yet in May, but they may have now. The question is what moment they will choose to tell it to the people.

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5 Responses to “Juan Manuel Santos will run for presidency”

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  2. emilia Says:

    pues yo creo que encolombia si hay expresion depalabra lo que pasa es que los colombianos son muy mal desagradecidos digamen en la historia de colombia que precidente a echo por colombial lo que a echo el presidente uribe dejen de criticar al precidente loque pasa que los que lo critican son guerrilleros y que viva el precidente

    • wiesubags Says:

      eso es exactamente el problema emilia, tu haces lo mismo que el presidente: acusar a los que no estén de acuerdo de guerrilleros. muy mal hecho.

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