Mexico: a different reelection proposal

Interesting, Mexico’s president Felipe Calderón’s proposal for reelection. When I first heard about it from my Dutch colleague in Mexico, Jan-Albert Hootsen, I thought the Mexican president would join his colleagues Chávez, Uribe, Morales and Correa, who all changed constitution for their own reelection, but Calderón’s case is different and that is refreshing.

Mexico’s president is not looking for his own reelection but for the reelection of senators, representatives and local politicians. According to Calderón the risk of corruption increases if politicians only have a four year term.  The try to grab and steal as much as they can because they don’t have much time. And that is why it’s a good idea to make it possible to reelect them, Cálderon thinks. He might be right. Prestigious opinionleaders like Jorge Volpi support this idea, Jan-Albert told me.

Of course it is a risky idea, because it hasn’t been proved that corruption is the consequence of a ‘short track’. But the fact that a president keeps his personal ambition out of discussion is admirable in this continent, where so many are being infected by the reelection virus, and consider themselves Messiases whose mission it is to save the country. And there is a lot to be saved in troubled Mexico.


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