Morning after pill and promiscuity

Giving young girls access to the morning after pill will increase their promiscuity. That’s what Colombia’s senator Víctor Velásquez Reyes thinks and with him a lot more people, and it’s silly. In the meantime teenager pregnancies in Colombia keep being a big problem.It started all with presidential candidate Rafael Pardo‘s proposal to give young girls access to the morning after pill through their school. A proposal which was supported by feminists, by big part of his Liberal Party and even by part of his political opponents, the uribistas. But which of course caused a lot of rejection, to start with Catholic Church. It said the morning after pill is an abortion pill.

Unfortunately the discussion concentrated on the morning after pill and that it would be used like candies and nobody mentioned the other issue which was proposed by mr. Pardo: improve sexual education, and that is where it all starts.

If boys and girls learn that sex is not a bad thing, that they should respect eachother in their sexuality and that they should both assume the responsibility to prevent pregnancy, a lot can be solved. The morning after pill and abortion will not (or at least less) be necessary.

Now let’s get back to mr. Velásquez. His argument, that the morning after pill will increase promiscuity, is also used by the church and other conservatives, to alert against sexual education and contraception. How sad, because reality proves that young girls (and boys) have sex anyhow, without education, without contraceptives, or with education and with contraceptives. Isn’t this last situation a lot better?

My thesis is that mr. Velásquez is an example of the still strong machismo in this country, which fears promiscuity of the woman. If the woman can plan her fertility she is free and that is unthinkable for mr. Velásquez and his friends. Then the Colombian woman will behave like the Colombian man! It is about time that happens, I would think. But it is better that couples look for their pleasure inside the house and not outside.

My point is that this way of thinking has to be finished, to stop this awful phenomenon, which is increasing: one out of five pregnancies in Colombia is a teenager pregnancy.

And then one last thing for mr. Velásquez and the Catholic Church. In 2003 with a Dutch colleague I did an item on teenager pregnancies in Bogotá for a Dutch radioprogramme. We talked to a 13 year old pregnant girl who had found out that five more girls were pregnant from the father of her child, who moreover was twice the age of the girls. Who is promiscuous here and acting completely irresponsible?


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3 Responses to “Morning after pill and promiscuity”

  1. Gratis pil voor jonge meisjes? De kerk brult abortus! Says:

    […] WERELDNETNIEUWS VAN WIES UBAGS (COLOMBIA) Van de 5 zwangerschappen in Colombia is er 1 van een meisje tussen de 11 en 15 jaar. Dat is een verdubbeling van de cijfers. Het was 1 op 10. En dus dacht presidentskandidaat Rafael Pardo moeten we maar de morning after pil gratis beschikbaar stellen voor jonge meisjes. En nu is het land (1.098.581 km2) te klein. Wies: ‘Hij kreeg heel conservatief Colombia over zich heen. De kerk brult dat het abortus is, de conservatieven loeien dat het promiscue gedrag in de hand werkt. Dat zeggen ze trouwens ook van sexuele voorlichting.’ Pardo wil ook dat jongeren leren anticonceptie te gebruiken, maar dat sneeuwt onder in het geweld tegen de morning after pil. Morning after    Standard Podcast: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download Meer van Wies Ubags over dit onderwerp HIER […]

  2. pillshop Says:

    Recognize The Dangers Related With The Morning After Pill

    The morning after pills are used by women who want to avoid unnecessary pregnancy. It is also useful for couples who like to indulge in unguarded sex and do not want to have children. It is awfully vital for you to be aware of the risk factors related with the morning after pills. Let’s take a concise overview of the risk factors involved with the use of morning after pills.

    On the whole the morning after pill risks include side effects such as abdominal pain, headache, faintness, vaginal spotting of blood, breast tenderness, nausea, and fatigue. Following consuming this pill, you may also have unbalanced) cycles. Your menstrual period may well appear sooner or later than the normal day. Also, period bleeding after morning after pill can be heavier and lighter than expected. On the other hand, these are usual effects and you needn’t to be concerned about them

    Females who experience diabetes and pelvic inflammatory sickness and can encounter certain difficulties when consuming morning after pills. If you are suffering from diabetes, it’s recommended to check your blood sugar level and discuss with a suitable doctor before taking morning after pills. Women with pelvic inflammatory sickness should also take morning after pill only under the careful guidance of a physician.

    A different key peril involved by way of the consumption of the morning after pill is they increase the peril of ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is the one that occurs anywhere outside the uterus and has likelihood of not getting recognized on time. This type of unobserved pregnancy can confirm to be very hazardous, as a tiny delay in its analysis can promote numerous complications and may still confirm fatal.

    The other large risk of the pill is in the use after pregnancy, as it may promote complications. Thus, it’s suggested with the intention of you swallow a morning after pill only subsequent to undergoing a pregnancy test.

    There is a fake belief in the middle of many persons that the morning after pill could defend them against HIV virus (AIDS) and other sexually transmitted diseases (STD). You need to be familiar with that this is false, as these pills don’t supply any protection from any sort of sexually transmitted disease.

    As a result, even if morning after pills may be awfully successful, they to include definite risk factors involved. On the other hand, these perils are insignificant if you take this pill under the management and scrutiny of a trained doctor.

    • wiesubags Says:

      Thanks for your comment. It is not my intention to promote the use of the morning after pill and I don’t think it is Rafael Pardo’s intention. The best thing is to prevent a not wanted pregnancy. But unfortunately teenage pregnancies often occur in Colombia. In such a case I believe the morning after pill is preferable to abortion or motherhood at such a young age.

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