Chávez and Uribe, much alike

Winds of war, as they say in Spanish, between Venezuela and Colombia and we don’t know where this is going to end. Never has the situation been so delicate. One spark of fire accross the border and it’s bingo. To me as an outsider from Holland the thing keeps being unreal, this fight between two Latin caudillos who are both so attached to power.

Venezuela’s president Chávez is Colombia’s president Uribe’s best campaign leader, the well known journalist Héctor Rincón said today in my favorite radio programme La Luciérnaga, a satirical programme of Caracol Radio.  I think he is right. As long as Chávez keeps threatening Colombia with war, many people will feel that the hawk Uribe is the only person who can protect them.

Nevertheless I keep insisting that they are so alike, although not in ideology of course. And this weekend a headline in Venezuela’s daily El universal struck me and confirmed me in my thesis.  It said ‘Chávez states that without him the revolution would collapse‘. That is a perfect variation of Uribe’s tireless statement that he is worried about his sacred democratic security‘s future, in case he is not reelected.

Without democratic security Colombia is lost and without its revolution Venezuela is doomed, if we have to believe their leaders.

But never has the relation between the two countries been so tense as under these so self assured gentlemen. Humbleness, señores, wouldn’t be bad.

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