What’s up mr. Uribe and mr. Pearl?! (or Piedad 20)

Despairing, the state of affairs of the expected liberation of two FARC hostages, Pablo Emilio Moncayo and Josué Calvo. It seems that Colombia’s government cannot make up its mind about what to do, and meantime these guys keep on suffering.

Senator Piedad Córdoba, who has been trying to intermediate in this issue, is even been trying to get help from Mexico and the Dominican Republic, to get the thing going again. Gustavo Moncayo, Pablo Emilio’s father, who has been walking across half Colombia to get his son free, has said he is tired of begging.

What’s the problem? We all know the FARC are animals, criminals without a heart. The liberations will not give them any credits, as Colombia’s president Álvaro Uribe seems to keep thinking. But the country’s peace commissioner Frank Pearl (again) announced that the government will only cooperate with Moncayo’s and Calvo’s liberation if afterwards the FARC release all the 20 something hostages at a time. The government knows that this complicates the liberation of the two and one wonders why it is so cruel.

Meanwhile Piedad on Twitter calls for creative solutions. She must be quite desperate, let alone the families of the hostages. Another Christmas without them?


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