Contraception before abortion

A lot of discussion about a sentence of Colombia’s Constitutional Court, that says that Colombia’s abortion law should be explained at school. Those who are against the law obviously are against the sentence as well.The idea of the Constitutional Court is that women and girls have to be aware of their rights.

The law says that a woman can abort in case of rape, in case her life is in danger and in case the child is deformed.

It is known that women who want to abort because one of these reasons have great difficulties to have an abortion. Hospitals and health assurance companies play hide and seek and when finally the woman has ‘won’, it is too late to abort.

Of course the three above mentioned cases are extreme. Many pregnancies in Colombia, about 50 percent, are not wanted, and, obviously, not only because of these reasons.

The whole thing therefore should start with sexual education for boys and girls that makes them aware of something they can enjoy and something in which they both have responsibility. Responsibility to respect eachother and not harm eachother and responsibility to prevent a not wanted pregnancy. It is very important in this still machista country that boys learn to have that responsability as well.

If young people are more careful in their sexual contacts and find it normal to use contraceptives, abortion will not be necessary.  That is better for everybody.

That doesn’t mean I am against abortion. The three cases which the Colombian law mentions are completely acceptable. I think the law should even permit more, but hearing and reading the discussions, I think  in Colombia at this moment it is the best that can be realized.

It’s not wrong to teach this at schools, but it should be accompanied with a clear and open education about sex and contraception. And if the conservatives, the Church in particular, are against that as well, bad luck for them. It is a very serious matter that in this country half of the pregnancies are not wanted and many of those happen to young girls, who see their future destroyed.


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    […] Unfortunately the discussion concentrated on the morning after pill and that it would be used like candies and nobody mentioned the other issue which was proposed by mr. Pardo: improve sexual education, and that is where it all starts. […]

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