The treasure of Freedom of speech

Never have I been so conscious of how important liberty of speech is as these days. Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez is releasing an avalanche of tweets about her frustration of not being able to enter the internet when she wants and not being able to read the news.She almost makes touchable this absence of information and implores her followers on Twitter to sms her news from outside her island. And when headlines start to arrive, she is so grateful. Today however she twitters that she got only one message and wonders what is going on.

I always start my working day with the reading of the news. Am addicted to my Google Reader, get news from Twitter and read the newspapers which are most imporant for my work: those from my homecountry the Netherlands, from Colombia, where I live and the rest of the northern Andes region.

Now that I read all those tweets of Yoani I realize what a treasure that is, to enter the internet whenever I want and be able to read whatever medium I want. Of course it should be the same for the people in Cuba as well.

The Spanish Secretary of State Miguel Ángel Moratines is visiting Cuba these days. He talked with Raúl Castro’s government about normalizing relations between Cuba and the European Union. That might be a good thing, but it seems that he hasn’t wanted to meet the island’s dissidents. They don’t even know what the Spanish minister and their government are talking about. That must be an awfully frustrating thing, to know someone from outside is there, who has a possibility to help you and not being able to let yourself be heard. I guess the only information they are going to get about the minister’s visit, is what the official newspaper Granma wants to tell.

Yoani Sánchez has literally been screaming her frustration via Twitter and has been very brave in showing in what a terrible lack of freedom Cubans are living. She cannot do it alone, she needs help from outside. Come on, señor Moratinos.


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4 Responses to “The treasure of Freedom of speech”

  1. virginiamargarita Says:

    Thank you for writing about Yoani Sanchez…she is very brave woman…as Yoani, I was born in Cuba and I know what communism is and what indoctrination is…I used to be “a pioneer”when I lived there…thank you for your informative posting :0)

    • wiesubags Says:

      Hey Virginia Margarita, Thank you for your comment. I have never been in Cuba but I am very much impressed by Yoani’s twittering and blogging, as you can see in my blog. I hope that soon she will have access to internet and information and that she can write what she wants. I also hope that soon Cubans can leave and enter the island as they wish. ¡Ojalá!

  2. Julio Says:

    I assume this blog’s colombian. Take a look at the freedom of press iindex recently released. ( Maybe then you would not be so thankful you can use your browser.

    • wiesubags Says:

      you mean that Colombia is low in the ranking, Julio? I am not saying there is press freedom in Colombia. There is a lot of self-censorship and critical journalists are being threatened. But there is access to information in the internet, and there is access to internet. In Cuba that’s quite different.

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