Yoani Sánchez can’t leave Cuba

Cuba’s most famous blogger, Yoani Sánchez, is going to celebrate her Maria Moors Cabot Prize at her home in Havana. The Castro government doesn’t allow her to leave the country to receive the prize. Neither can she travel to Brazil where she was going to present her book, Cuba Libre, and speak in Congress.Yoani is on Twitter. Sometimes she cannot be seen for days and then suddenly she announces a new post on her blog or a meeting of the growing amount of bloggers in Cuba.

Her tone has always been quiet and especially ironic. But it looks like lately she has grown desperate because of the lack of freedom people in Cuba suffer. Just look at her Twitter account and it is clear. She wants to scream to get internet for all Cubans. She is fed up with ‘blind blogging’: that means she has to send her texts to friends, who put in on her blog, because from Cuba she doesn’t have access to it. It is blocked by the authorities.

She dreams of an island where everybody can enter and leave as (s)he wishes. Ironically, the grandson of the legendary Che Guevara, Canek Sánchez, cannot get in.

For a while she is hopeful and trusts that soon her country will be more pluralistic and less authoritarian, but than her despair and anger win again: “Friends what about pushing this wall in Twitter as well? (….) Friends, we have to set fire to Twitter with a demand: internet and freedom to move for Cubans.”

One of her last tweets today: “All right, I already have to go. The short minutes in internet just ended. A big hug for all of you.”

Big hug to you as well, Yoani.

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