Che Guevara loved to read

Since it is 42 years ago legendary comandante Che Guevara died, media in several countries (Cuba, Argentina and Bolivia, where he was killed, for example) have dedicated articles on him. Like Bolivia’s La Razón, that had a special on him.Che reads a biography on Goethe while he is in Bolivia

It tells about Che as a doctor – he had studied medicine in his home country Argentina -, about his astma, his loves, about his arrival to Bolivia as a backpacker. But for me the nicest thing: Che loved to read. From fiction to analytic geometry, La Razón writes. In the picture he is reading a biography on Goethe.

According to La razón he didn’t understand anything of Karl Marx’s Das Kapital.

It is hard for me to imagine Colombia’s FARC commanders reading. After having read our Dutch guerrillagirl Tanja Nijmeijer‘s diary I believe they mainly are bored and fuck a lot and sometimes fight. If the Colombian army is right, they mainly fight and run (then books are not convenient). Anyway, I believe our Tanja would have felt better with Che.


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