Piedad Córdoba candidate for Nobel Peace Prize or Piedad 18

The Norwegian International Peace Research Institute (PRIO) suggested Colombia’s senator Piedad Córdoba as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize 2009. The organization put forward ms. Córdoba because of her efforts to liberate hostages of the leftwing guerrilla FARC and her intention to start peace negotiations, according to Colombia’s newspaper El Espectador.  It means a great recognition of a woman, who always has been criticized very much and who sees herself confronted with the most powerful man of Colombia, president Álvaro Uribe. The president has shown himself against her mediation because he was afraid of a ‘show’ she and the FARC would make of the liberations. That means however that ever since nobody has been released. Gustavo Moncayo’s son Pablo Emilio, who has spent like 12 years in the jungle, is to be released, but nobody knows when.

Representative of the hostages’ families Marleny Orjuela, whom I interviewed for Colombia Reports, was very sceptical about a quick liberation. “It is action we need”, she said, not words.

Of course Piedad hasn’t won yet and El Espectador writes she has severe competence: Jordan’s prince Ghazi Bin Mohammed, because of his mediation in The Israeli-Palestinian conflict and United Nations special rapporteur in Sudan, Sima Samar.

But it is a step forward and hopefully it means an impulse towards peace.

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10 Responses to “Piedad Córdoba candidate for Nobel Peace Prize or Piedad 18”

  1. Love and hate for Piedad Córdoba or Piedad 19 « Wies Ubags Says:

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  2. Mao Says:

    Hope she doen’t win, first time Colombians aren’t proud of this nomine; she’s part of the guerilla (Farc) and a very very close friend of Chavez and the results she’s shown are just part of her deals with them. We don’t want that prize.

    • wiesubags Says:

      I don’t agree with you that she is part of the FARC, Mao, and I would have liked her to win the prize, but I think Obama, who won, is an excellent winner as well. I hope it helps him to really carry out his ideas.

      • luis garcia Says:

        Of course she has close ties with the guerrilla and is part of a populist movement that forgot about the failure of the horrible communist experiment that cost lives, money and loss of time to a big part of the human race.

      • wiesubags Says:

        What populist movement do you mean, Luis? And as far as the close ties with the FARC are concerned, read my interview with Adam Isacson in Colombia Reports (http://colombiareports.com/colombia-news/news/6331-piedad-cordoba-too-close-to-chavez.html), I think his observation is correct.

      • luis garcia Says:

        the extreme leftish movements we are seeing in latin america lately address the worst nerve of the poor people of our countries telling them that the cause of their situation is not their weakness as persons but that their is a guilty powerful one, capitalism, mean elites, etc. someone else and that the goverment or someone should give and give and give, because they are entitled, who know by whom, to receive. the only way to progress, and it is not sure to get, is study, work hard their are no free lunches.

      • wiesubags Says:

        I agree with you that it is not useful to give the poor help and not teach them to make their own living, Luis, but just say that being poor is your own fault goes too far. It’ s too simplistic. You know what and that is not only a reaction to you, Luis, I am terrified about the hatred that is expressed these days towards everything that is leftist and towards Piedad. There are many ‘lefts’ and I am glad that you at least talk about extreme left. I neither agree for example with the Chavez or Castro left or, worse, the FARC left. And to get back to Piedad, I think she made mistakes, but in general she is doing a good job. There is no reason to hate her. You can disagree with her, but hate? No, that is simply wrong.

      • Luis Garcia Says:

        Hate is too big a word that hurts more the one that invoke it. No I dont hate anybody and much less someone that is surely defending what she believes, but she has a lot of ties with the farc and had found a better place in the public opinion USING the poor people abducted by the guerilla asking to the guerilla an status they dont deserve and showing a double moral, some of the mails found in the Reyes’s computer compromise her as at least an useful fool.


      IS not true .all were just bad publicity and the media chanels in colombia RCN and Caracol soport that , but she is one of the honest person in the
      congreso colombiano where 87 of this men had been acuse of help paramilitary groups, so please before you put a comment like that read more and read the other part.. And because her job, she needs to speak no only with THE PRESIDENT HUGO CHAVEZ BUT with many other presidens in the area , but allways the media. speak only about Hugo Chavez .

      • luis garcia Says:

        in colombia (they should be best informed than others) most of the public opinion agree about the kind of committment Ms. Cordoba is with the Farc and other criminal organization, she was involved with Chavez in the show of the little boy abducted. If you see someone walking like a duck, eating like a duck, making duck noises, chances are that its a duck no matter what it says.

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