Fujimori and Uribe

Striking the parallel between Peru’s former president Alberto Fujimori and Colombia’s president Álvaro Uribe. Fujimori – also fond of reelection – was condemned to six years of prison because of illegal wiretapping and buying votes. Those two subjects have been the main topics of political scandals in Colombia lately. Mr. Uribe hasn’t been related directly with illegal wiretapping or buying conscience of congressmembers yet. But it is improbable that he didn’t know anything about it. It was for his reelection(s?) that votes were bought and the great majority of the wiretapped are far from his friends.

Colombia’s politically quick-witted digital magazine La Silla Vacía (The Empty Chair, referring to the politicians who had to leave  Congress because they were accused of having ties with the right wing paramilitaries) mentioned a meeting between Peru’s Minister of Justice, the country’s Home Secretary  and a couple of judges with members of Colombia’s Constitutional Court. The meeting was meant to exchange opinions on constitutionality in both countries, and talk about tensions between the Executive and Justice Powers, a press release of the Constitutional Court said, according to La Silla Vacía.

What a coincidence, when the Constitutional Court is studying right now the famous referendum which is to be held to make mr. Uribe’s second reelection possible. After some tumultuous sessions of the House of Representatives this referendum was finally approved. The government has been accused of buying votes for the approval of this proposal, as it has been accused of buying votes for mr. Uribe’s first reelection. I wouldn’t want to be a member of the Constitutional Court now!

The question in the end is if mr. Uribe wil go through the same process as his Peruvian ex-colleague. There are many parallels, but mr. Uribe until now hasn’t been accused directly. What will happen when he is not a president anymore? And if he is going to be trialed, when will it happen? In a few years or after 2014, when his so much battled for third term will have ended?


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