‘Juanes’s nerves got the better of him’

A few days after Colombian singer Juanes‘s Peace without Borders concert in Havana several media published about trouble with the Cuban regime before the concert. Juanes felt he was being followed and made a row about it. The Cuban government answered that his nerves got the better of him and caused an outburst against the hotel ‘personnel’ that was controlling him.Paz sin Fronteras Cuba 0909

Ironical that the famous rockstar was feeling at that moment what Cubans in Cuba feel all the time.

I was quite critical about his concert and later I understood that the great majority of people in and outside Cuba don’t agree with me. Many have interpreted his and others’ artists remarks on love and peace as important support towards freedom. Many have emphasized the importance of a famous singer being there without the government orquestrating everything (alhough it appeared afterwards that they were doing a serious effort). Perhaps it is a question of reading between the lines.

If Cubans were happy with Juanes’s concert, that is a good and important thing.

I’m surprised however that hardly anybody mentioned that critical people were prevented from going to the concert. And I keep thinking that a painful aspect of the concert and the reporting was that one category wasn’t talked about: the political prisoners on the island. Media only wrote about the disagreement among Cubans in Miami as fas as the concert was concerned and the separation between Cubans on the island and Cubans abroad.

They wrote about how happy people on the island were, but they didn’t mention a category that because of the control and censure of the regime hardly can be heard: the dissidents on the island. That is quite a different category from the cd burning mob in Miami.

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