Release Pablo Emilio or Piedad 17

Pablo E Moncayo 0909‘Mister President, I want to be free’: FARC hostage tells Uribe

This headline was published by Colombia Reports today. In this post I will publish Colombia Reports’ article, not before having said that this boy who lost his youth in the jungle (19-31 years, 12 years there) should be liberated NOW and the rest as soon as possible as well. He has been there twice as long as Íngrid Betancourt, the most famous hostage, who was liberated last year in the Operation Jaque

The FARC released a video of hostage Pablo Emilio Moncayo, a hostage for 12 years whose announced release has been deadlocked since May over a disagreement between Colombian President Álvaro Uribe and the rebels.

In the video, the soldier talks about the day he was kidnapped and sends his love to his family.

Moncayo also greets opposition Senator Piedad Córdoba, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa for their efforts to seek the release of hostages held by the leftist rebels.

In an emotional moment, Moncayo says he admires and thanks his father for what he has done to promote his release. “I feel proud of what you have done and what you have achieved,” the hostage tells his father.

Moncayo’s father, a teacher, spent months walking around Colombia, demanding the FARC and the government find ways for his son to be released.

The hostage asks the help of all Colombians to secure the release of him and his colleagues held in the jungle. While knocking on the table before him, the hostage turns to the Colombian President. “Mister President Uribe. Open the door please, I want to be free.”

The FARC announced the release of Moncayo in May, but the release was deadlocked because the government refused to allow opposition Senator Piedad Cordoba as mediator and demanded all hostages to be released at once. Last weekend, the government softened its stance. The Catholic Church, now leading mediation attempts to secure the release of hostages, says it is waiting on the FARC to be able to proceed with release operations.

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