Piedad can intermediate again (or Piedad 15)

Good news: Colombia’s  senator Piedad Córdoba can resume her work as an intermediator to liberate the hostages who are still being held by the leftwing guerrilla FARC. President Álvaro Uribe decided this after a meeting with families of the hostages.Piedad Córdoba 0909
Moreover mr. Uribe decided to allow the announced liberation of two of the hostages. Until now the government had stated that it only agrees with an immediate release of all the hostages at the same time. The two hostages are the soldiers Pablo Emilio Moncayo (photo), son of Gustavo Moncayo, who has walked through the whole country to call for the liberation of his son, and Josué Calvo.

Pablo Emilio Moncayo 0909

The announcement came after Piedad Córdoba had said that she will not insist in participation if Colombia’s Catholic Church could intermediate. Mr. Uribe didn’t like her role: he considered former liberations of hostages as a show of the senator and the FARC. But the families of the hostages felt she couldn’t be missed in the process.

Especially after the publication of survival proofs of 10 hostages with chains around their necks, the pressure on the government to give in to the families’ wishes increased.


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