Baby hippo Matilde arouses tenderness

Contradictions of life. Colombia’s most famous drugs trafficker Pablo Escobar left the country with a very special plague: a little less than 30 hippopotamuses. South African experts have advised to kill some animals and to try to sterilize the rest. But a month ago a hippopotamus girl was born: Matilde, and she seems to have been rejected by her hippo MatildeOf course such a small cute hippopotamus arouses tenderness and concern. But she will grow up and cause as many problems as the rest.

The other Matilda seems to be wandering still along the Magdalena river, in spite of some advertisement of the Environment Ministry that she might have been killed. With her probably is small Hip, who is growing as well, but who seems to have the luck to be adopted by a natural park.

Let’s see what happens to little Matilde. For now she is been taken care of.


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2 Responses to “Baby hippo Matilde arouses tenderness”

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    • wiesubags Says:

      Dear Thilges, Thank you for your comment. Perhaps you could tell me to what link you refer, so that I can correct it if something went wrong.

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