Chávez is sexier than Uribe

While Colombia’s government is flipflopping to make president Uribe’s second reelection possible, Venezuela’s president Chávez is parading like a moviestar in Venice. Director Oliver Stone is fond of Chávez  and calls him a visionary. Chávez, glad that somebody supports him while his country is a mess, calls Stone a genious.This contradiction between two Latin American caudillos, who want the same – stay in power – makes me laugh. Mr. Uribe pretends he hasn’t decided yet if he will run. Meanwhile his Home Secretary Fabio Valencia Cossio has pushed the law through Congress that should make reelection possible. That is, that should make a referendum possible in which Colombians decide if their president can be reelected again. This pushing, many – even right wing analists – say, means buying votes. Before the referendum can be organized, the Constitutional Court should decide if the whole thing is legal.  In the meantime the government is trying to diminish the amount of citizen’s votes that is necessary to make the referendum valid, etc etc. It is a tremendous humbug that makes one yawn.

No, then the other way, in Venice. Mr. Chávez, who considers himself already a president who is to be reelected eternally – he’s miles ahead of his stressed and fatigued and attacked by swine flu Colombian colleague Uribe – chats with Oliver Stone and Michael Moore and walks around like a moviestar.

I don’t know what makes Stone think chávez is a visionary. It might be that mr. Stone is more anti-gringo than pro-frijolero (ie pro Latin American). But mr. Stone maks a heroe out of the Venezuelan caudillo (Spanish for strong leader) and that is exactly what mr. Chávez needs.

It is certainly not for sure if this will help. Protests against closing of media and the new education law in Venezuela go on.

In Colombia the show is certainly not exiting but that doesn’t mean that mr. Uribe will not reach his goal. The Constitutional Court already has said it will give priority to the referendum law. I bet they will approve it. Mr. Uribe until now has been able to keep alive the illusion that without him the country will be lost. The left wing guerrilla FARC will not be beaten and drugs trade will go on, he makes people believe.

Let’s see if he will convince enough people and let’s see who wins, i.e. who will be in power for the longest time, Chávez or Uribe. Here I don’t dare to make a bet.


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