Mr. Uribe’s reelection circus

The most incredible thing that happens in Colombia these days, the reelection circus. The House of Representatives approved the referendum which is to be held to make Colombia’s president Uribe’s second reelection possible. At the moment law forbids this reelection. Votes have been bought or representatives have moved to Uribe’s coalition, probably to garantee themselves a job in the future and so with a very small majority (one vote) the government won.Now the Constitutional Court has to approve this referendum law as well, the referendum has to be organized and mr. Uribe has to launch himself as a candidate before the 30th of November, because otherwise he cannot be a candidate. But he cannot launch himself before that day because the referendum will not be organized yet and so it is illegal for him to be a candidate.  Do you still understand it?

Many obstacles on the road, but many opposers of mr. Uribe fear that the government dealing and wheeling will reach its goal: Álvaro Uribe’s second reelection.  I fear it as well, more and more. One can agree or disagree with mr. Uribe’s politics, but that is not the discussion here. The point is that these dark movements to stay in power don’t suit a democrat. And that’ why I think he has to go. He had a reelection already and changed the law also to achieve it. It’s enough.

One of the tricks the government is going to play is the amount of voters that is needed to make the referendum valid. At the moment this is about 7 million people and the government wants to diminish it to about 4 million, obviously to increase the possibility for mr. Uribe to be candidate again.

Incredible indeed that a government which calls itself democratic plays such games and doesn’t have the democratic courtesy to think that it is in the country’s interest that if the reelection is approved by the people in the referendum, this support should be broad.


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  2. Colombia es pasión (3), for big trouble « Wies Ubags Says:

    […] for Colombia and bad news for president Uribe, who is still in crossroads of soul if he is going to try to be reelected or not. The amount of coca and cocaine produced in Colombia hardly has been reduced, writes the National […]

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