Liberation of FARC hostages instead of reelection or Piedad 14

Incredible, these men have been hostages of the FARC in Colombia for years, who try to comfort their families in their survival proofs which were given to senator Piedad Córdoba in Bogotá. Some of them also express their anger because nothing is being done to get them free. All the important persons have been liberated: all the politicians and especially Íngrid Betancourt and the three Americans, for whom was organized the spectacular Operation Jaque. Everybody who was with them, was lucky, I guess. “Don’t worry”, the hostages who are still there keep saying in their messages. This is insane. At the moment the national government and the Congress in Bogotá are only talking about one thing: Álvaro Uribe’s reelection and the referendum that has to be approved and organized to get him reelected. Liberation of hostages is not an issue.

Mr. Uribe told reporters not long ago that the government cannot distinguish between hostages. He was defending the government’s inactivity to facilitate the liberation of Pablo Emilio Moncayo, son of Gustavo Moncayo.

Why then did the Colombian government approve of the Operation Jaque?

Listen to sergeant Arbey Delgado, who expresses his discomfort in a very convincing way.


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