Hippopotamuses are time bomb

African experts who have come to Colombia to investigate the more than 20 hippopotamuses that are in the country say the huge beasts are a time bomb. Not only are they a threath to people who live in their territory, also do they change the biodiversity in the region because of their own biological pecularities, the two African experts say.

In the meantime media in Colombia say it is possible that their are more hippopotamuses roaming the country than those of the slain drugs trafficker Pablo Escobar. It seems that more extravagant drugs traffickers liked to possess exotic animals. But most of them are dead or in prison and the animals walk around and cause a lot of trouble to innocent villagers and Colombian authorities.

Pablo’s hippos are on his former Hacienda Nápoles, which is a ruin transformed into park now. Some escaped, like the already killed Pepe and his mate Matilda, which got a baby called Hip.

The Africans say it is justified to have killed Pepe because of the dangers he and his species mean for their surroundings. They propose to castrate or sterilize them and to separate males and females. That must be quite complicated, because it is also hard to catch them.

In short, this post-narco drama doesn’t stop.


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    […] most famous drugs trafficker Pablo Escobar left the country with a very special plague: a little less than 30 hippopotamuses. South African experts have advised to kill some animals and to try to sterilize the rest. But a […]

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