FARC are dinosaurs or Piedad 13

Two of 23 families of the policemen and militaries who are still suffering as a hostage of the FARC in Colombia have some relief. The guerrilla sent them proofs that their beloved are still alive. But they are only two. Piedad Córdoba and her Colombians for Peace say that other proofs are on their way. Let’s hope so and let’s hope that the army doesn’t intercept them. So that other families also can breathe more freely. But the most important thing is that those poor men get free and NOW.How much longer will this miserable tactical game last, at the cost of three men, of whom quite a lot have been a hostage for more than 11 years.  Imagine, 11 years suffering in a cruel jungle with a cruel guerrilla, which seems to have lost every sense of humanity. It is the FARC’s responsibility that these people keep suffering. And secondly it is the government of mr. Álvaro Uribe that is not willing to let a humanitarian reason prevail above political or strategical reasons.

Mr. Uribe is scared to death to give the FARC the opportunity to improve its image by liberating hostages and making a media show. What kind of show can you give after having made suffering those people for so many years?

Piedad Córdoba is trying to talk to the government about what to do in order to proceed in the liberation of the 23 who are left. The president doesn’t seem to be very eager to receive her, to say the least. I hope he will change his mind, only for the sake of the hostages. The image of the bloody FARC doesn’t matter in the whole story. They cannot save their image anymore. They are dinosaurs in the post-cold war world. The relatively few people who support them are naive or dinosaurs themselves.

Latest news on Caracol Radio: one of the most famous liberated hostages, Clara Rojas, pressed the government to have a converstation with Piedad Córdoba.


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