Looking for love in Colombia and die

The most remarkable news yesterday: a Dutchman died, waiting for his supposed girlfriend, who had promised to marry him, according to Colombia’s newspaper El Informador (I don’t know if the link works, because today it seemed to have ‘died’).The 58-year old man got to know his beloved through internet. According to El Informador she drove him crazy and promised to marry him. He travelled to Colombia’s capital Bogotá and there someone explained him how to get to the village El Plato, the place where he hoped to find her.

Since the December day he arrived the villagers of El Plato saw him drinking beers and smoking cigarettes an eating nothing at all. But apparantly his internet girlfriend never arrived.

The management of the little hotel where he wa staying had to take him to the hospital when he started to have serious problems with his stomach. After a treatment he returned to the hotel and a few days later an employee found him in his room, dead.

Nobody knows about the girl. Does she exist? Was she a woman? Why did she never appear?

There are so many stories about people from rich countries who think to have found the love of their life and don’t realize that in other countries people have other priorities: find food, take care of their sick Mum, build a house for their poor family. A rich lover then is an attractive possibility to solve your problems.

But in this case the beloved never even showed up. A true Gabriel García Márquez story.

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2 Responses to “Looking for love in Colombia and die”

  1. Jim Says:

    Did anyone ever learn more about this sad story?

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